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This is for the Winter Flash Off / Christmas Collection 2009.
http://www.newgrounds.com / collection/christmas2009.

This is REALLY LATE because my tablet decided to go and explode on me. Thanks to newgrounds for awarding me with a new wacom one though! in the meantime i borrowed one and got it in before the deadline wahey. This one's personal. I didn't have time to make the music for this one though.

This is my second flash with a full storyline and it's in colour so it took a lot longer than THE.LIFT. Appreciate any advice or comments, i'm still rusty at this.

And I can't get higher quality .gif files as an icon, help.


Great job

I thought this was a real nice Christmas flash,the animation looked great and the music went very well with the video,overall i thought this had a lot of meaning and is a great addition to the NG Christmas collection page.

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Haven't felt compelled to review since Sept. [753]

... but just happened to be voting on some UJs and stumbled upon yours. I really liked the opening--the two Christmas lists being pulled out from their hiding spots showing some typical (but good!) materialistic items for their respective years... and just the visual feel of all of it.

Very simple but alive-feeling backdrops on the London streets, too... and a good super-commercialised-time-of-year flash, though I'm sure many people will get different messages from it than I did. That's reader-response for ya.

Lastly, I'll have to check out this "THE.LIFT" you mention in your comments sometime... congrats on the new tablet from the Fulpster, and happy 2010!

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beccahyman responds:

thanks for your review, and yeah it's always pretty embarassing looking back on childhood things, let alone christmas lists with mispelled pokemon games on them. I like it when people take their own message from the work but this one's not too complicated i think. happy new year to you


Simply Amazing, Love the music, interesting spirit thing,the doppelganger and her inner child.5/5

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i liked it alot.
the main character not having a face kind of threw me off for a second.
And the arrows seemed really stylized but i think it would take your flash farther if you added more to the style.

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christmas list:

a mobile phone a kitten a digital camera a laptop an ipod an acoustic guitar #2 a gameboy a furby a talking dollie a remote control car a walkie talkie pokemon yello

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Jan 4, 2010
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