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Mario Gets High Again

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Finally, here it is: the official sequel to "Mario Gets High". There was no script for this movie, and I voiced the entire thing ad lib after a few hits from my vaporizer. During the making of this movie, I drastically got better at fbf animation, which is probably apparent when you watch the movie and watch how the style evolves.

Enjoy, and please vote and review! Constructive criticism is always welcome!

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wow, bowser is a lab-pokemon and wario killed donkey kong with his farts. cool.

Highly improved

This second flash you made of Mario getting high was a lot better,the animation looked better with the more solid character design and even the voice acting sounded better plus i got even more laughs from this episode than the last so overall this was highly improved and i would not mind seeing a third episode,keep up the great work. =)

EternalRabbit responds:

i wasn't planning on making another installment to this series, but you never know, maybe i will.. i'll have to see how things go with the animations i'm already working on for now. thanks for your reviews, and it's good to know you enjoyed the movie!

Very funny.

The lacking visuals definitely add to the humor when you're high. I laughed a lot at the Pokemon thing. I'll be sure to watch it again when i'm baked.

Kinda fun

It's definitely B class material, but it has it's moments. It is not bad, but everything has plenty of room for improvements.

Could have been better

This is ok, But the animation could have been a little better.

But for a Mario Video it was pretty good.