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Defend Your Honor!

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The king has offered command of his vast army to the Man (or Elf) who returns his missing Golden Statue. It's up to you to find it and win this grand prize, and maybe make some friends on the way.

A mixup of the Tower Defence with a dash of strategy. I wanted to create a tower defence game that didn't become stagnant, so each battle is short and sweet, and feels like a smaller part of the grande scheme of things, rather than wave after wave of repitition. The strategic placement of units is the key to victory!

Special thanks to Oney for letting me soundtrack the game with his awesome music.

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amazing beat the full game dont say that alot for tower defense. wish it was more replayable.

Social Network achievement does not work.

Neat work on this

Loved the game, exactly what i was looking for today, which was a chill tower defense game that wasn't laggy or overly complex.

difficulty- 2/10
entertainment- 8/10
game play- 10/10
length/replay value- 0/10

Very cool game! i liked how you walked around from stage to stage and it was a very smooth process that did not include getting lost or searching for the next area. Very chill. The towers were very self explanatory and easy to combine to form a good strategy.
whats a shame, is although the game was very fun to play, it never offered the player a real challenge of skill. even skipping ahead there wasn't a time i felt i was going to ever lose. The only challenge that i faced was saving the gold for the end of the round which was a very cool game mechanic that made me think of ways to cheapen my army instead of just maxing everything out. That aspect was entertaining and some what thought provoking. Whats lame is the game was so easy it didn't matter if you saved 10g per round or 1000g, because you are going to win regardless. A big problem with this very well crafted game is its abrupt end. No boss, no survival mode, no prestige mode, no trophies for newgrounds, and only easy in game achievements that are incredibly easy to obtain. I also want to thank you for not including hidden achievements in this game because no one likes those, and they just result in a google search anyway. While this game does not make it into my "must play 5 star rating" list, I would give it a solid four star rating regardless of the large flaws i listed. I gave a perfect score for gameplay which boosted the overall rating greatly. The reason is it does not lag, it is customization with out being complex, and leaves room for player innovation.

Armor games is a brand i trust to shell out quality games.

The-EXP responds:

Very nice review :) Thanks for taking the time on it. This game predates NG trophies and I don't own the rights / remember the way it was written to it any more to make updates much of a possibility, but I'd definitely have added a hard mode after reading this :)

at the end i had the same reaction as the elf