Social Networking Wars

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You have work to do, but social networking sites are a constant distraction. Grab your stapler and fight them off! But beware, your coworkers don't like to be shot, and neither does your boss! Fight your way through dozens of enemies to face the ultimate distraction of all! You must defeat it, or you're fired!

Based on characters from SuperNews, on Current TV!


Social Network lampoonery at its finest!

It looks like Dustball and Gel have done it again, and this time with SuperNews! Even though I'm not familiar with Super News; I got a lot of enjoyment out of trashing the likes of MySpace (synonymous with lack of aesthetics), Facebook (I rarely ever use it anymore), Twitter (why use this when MSN, YIM, and Skype are available?), etc. With that out of the way...

Graphically, the art and animation may not be the best, but they get the point across. In other words, the way it should be on here. Plus, the atmosphere makes up for any art/animation shortcomings. The same can be said about the sound, which was also perfect for this kind of mockery. Gameplay, it's been a long time since there was a noteworthy FPS on Newgrounds, and while it's no Combat Instinct; it still reminds me of the old Flash games of 2000-2001. Plus, I also like the enemy variety you had going on, along with 'civilians' that you can't shoot. Did I mention that it had a bit of a challenge even if it was a tad easy?

What I like about this:
-Above-average art and animation
-Good voice acting
-Nice enemy variety
-Somewhat challenging
-The atmosphere
-Decent length

What I didn't like:
-None at the moment

Overall: Here's a Ten for all three of you involved!

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This game is certainly a challenge when you lack a mouse and you're playing via the touchpad of your laptop. :DD Still, quite fun and etc etc.

P.S: SL packs quite a punch (LUL SILLY PUN ;D)

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Everything was great!

Funny thing is the way google is the boss :P

Also, who was the happy face?

Myspace said what does Facebook have that I dont. That made me lol.

hahaha great game.

well at leats there now is a game that reflects how i hate social networking.


I was the biggest fan of the SuperNews series on CurrentTV and it's great to see them on Newgrounds! It's also great for people like gel and Dustball to contribute to this. This was quite enjoyable and it's great to make fun of all the most popular social networking places. It's especially funny when the boss gets all mad and fires you. Using a stapler as the weapon was a nice and original idea. It's so satisfying to hit those guys as they're just so freaking annoying and this may be the first great game of 2010!

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3.86 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2010
5:20 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person