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The Adventures of Loto

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A parody of Enix/SquareEnix's Dragon Quest series, featuring the Hero of Loto's Blood and the ever-popular Slime monster. I'm sure that this situation happens inside your Gameboy when you encounter your first Slime, but our hero mustn't let it sway him from his duties. Demon lords don't slay themselves, you know!

010610 - TY TF + NG 4 FP <3 <3 <3

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i was looking for a slime game and found THIS $#!+

I think this is the ONLY Dragon quest parody here!

For one thing, this movie gives a good feel on the idea that, slimes are so cute, why would you ever want to kill them? The only reason is that, yeah they're cute, but they won't hesitate to kill you (5 dollars for whoever can guess where I got that from). I don't think that you actually play as Loto/Erdrick in Dragon Quest 3, you play as one of his descendants, and DQ3 was first released on the NES, just to say. The animation is nice, it starts off sprited, then cuts into a simple animated battle, I can totally see this as a battle in a dragon quest spinoff title of some kind. My biggest gripe was that the music quality and sound quality weren't all that good, but it's not terrible. Now all we need is a Dragon Quest 4 parody giving some alternate reason why Psaro the Manslayer went insane and became a recolor of Estark!

That was too funny!

If you ever played the game, then you should understand. If not, then listen. When you fight a monster, it dies. But the slime monster is a harmless little monster who you normally run away from. The part when he feels sad makes sense because he just slaughtered a helpless little slime. I hope my lack of sleep didn't skew any facts. Great work on this btw, you should keep up the good work and come out with more. That music was dead on! How did you get the in-game music replicated? Animation was good too!


I think I'm gonna cry :(


the ending didn't make sence...