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Hey Newgrounds, It's been a while, but I've got a new game, This IS a demo, of one of the final bosses, and has the credits, too. For added realism, I made it so you go right to start it (go right).

OH yeah, you must be familiar with the name "Zzbtbest1000zZ" and/or "B1K" as if you might have heard of it, but you just can't put your finger on it, well, it might be that you've listened to any one of my songs, or one of 2 or both of the ridiculous joke submissions : "joke song" and "most disturbing noise ever". Or you've played the terrible "IMPOSSIMAZE", or seen "the evolution of the cursor" art submission. I get this a lot, and this kind of stuff drives anyone crazy, so help is necessary

Enjoy the demo, and in a couple months, I should have the game done.

So far the completion is 002.00%, and I say this deserves AT LEAST a 2.50/5.00

a 3.00 or higher would be well appreciated, basically, VOTE FAIRLY, because a fellow developer would see the value of this game.

Oh yeah, I need help with a title, please



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sorry for this review but animations sucks and the game is no funif you make another game let afriend help you


There are so many things wrong with this demo, I don't know where to begin.

1) The physics engine is too weak. It feels like I'm playing on the moon, so make it heavier.
2) Pressing the DEL (delete) button on your keyboard makes you fly into the air for some reason.
3) Running to the left at the start gives you the game over screen.
4) I don't understand exactly what pressing spacebar does. It puts a little target on my screen that I can't control, and I don't see my character doing anything.
5) The dragon thing despawns if you run to the left. Running back to the right makes you win the game.
6) I'm not sure why there are a bunch of flying platforms after the dragon that aren't working properly (where the graphic is isn't where the platform is).
7) Upon "winning", the screen zooms out really far, and then reset back to regular zoom, then zooms out again... etc.
8) You need a replay button at the game over screen, even if it's only a demo.
9) You can't ocmmit suicide to restart the game after you win, because of the previously mentioned zooming issue. You never reach the point where you die.
10) There are invisible ceilings and walls all over the place.

These are most of the bugs I could find while playing this. You need to go over your file and fix these before you even attempt to make the rest of this game.

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Yay, it's my own personal QA Team!

Yeah, All your points are spot-on, except for number 2, I had it in my head that that would be fun to fly at the cursor, it was on purpose.

# 4, I can't understand why the viral cannon isn't working, you're supposed to be able to blow up the Plant thing, or dragon, as everyone thinks it is, by pressing space and hovering it over the head.

Look, you don't have to worry about another crappy platformer, because right now I'm working on Hobo Cart Racing, And I hope it will be a real crowd pleaser, I am putting a lot of work into it now (the other times I said I worked hard, I lied)

Unlike the other games, I have racked up about 2 weeks-worth of work on this game so far, (1 week for designing titles and graphics, the other for designing several test engines to sinulate racing, and researching ways to do this in 3D) rather than spending about 3 hours at most designing a weak physics engine, I don't even know why that takes so long, but hey, you can expect it in about a year, Check my page for the news post, if you've seen it already, then you can clearly see I 've gotten better at graphics design, and this game should counter balance all the crap I've submitted.

im not sure

what the problem is but for some reason the only thing i can do is move. white screen with a few blobs that go left and right. none of the other buttons work for me. and the music... its rather loud and abrasive, try toneing it down or at least set it at lower volume. or better yet a mute button so people can listen to their own tunes while they play. also the bit where if you die (no clue how i did it just switched me from blank white to text) get rid of the cat or whatever yeowling thats bullshit and stupid its one of the easiest ways to get bad reveiws is by pissing people off with stuppid loud annoying sounds tht have 0 purpose

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

Hello Zaphod, I'm Slartibartfast (great book)

left and right together

gives a weird thing, delete pushes you to the top (where you get stuck and glitched), there are invisible walls everywhere, the gravity is too low, the music is annoying, the platforms are useless since you don't need to move to end the game, the attack damage is too high, the graphics is too cheap, and the zoom thing is way too confusing

zzbtbest1000zz responds:

I did not put any invisible walls, you are moving, zoom out and see for yourself, that the guy is moving, just very slow, and if you press ctrl, you will speed to the right!

The plat form is long, featureless, and bland, so it only LOOKS like the guys stuck. You're too impatient.

zooming issues

its okay, but for some reason the screen keeps zooming out.

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1.00 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2010
6:21 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other