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Click on the head to start the movie. Click on the triangle to replay it.
If the movie's too small to watch, you can resize it.

50x50 is the lowest resolution that Newgrounds accepts. If you submit a flash
lower than 50x50, Newgrounds will resize to 50x50. I didn't see any flashes
on Newgrounds with 50x50 resolution, so I made it one for a personal challenge.

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It's alright.

I never saw any 50x50 flashes before, so I suppose this is quite a unique submission. Slightly random, hard to understand, but an overall decent music video. Not a bad job on this.

Animation wasn't that smooth, but the fact that it was so slow and 8-bittish gave the submission a unique style to it. Even the graphics seemed pretty 8-bittish, but as I said, these gave the submission a nice style to it. Not really much to comment about the graphics/animation, since these were all fit into a size of 50x50. Still, you used your limited space pretty well :).

The concept, as I said, is original. I have not yet seen a flash which is so small in size without being utter crap, so good job there ^^. The storyline was hard to grasp, unfortunately. I didn't really understand what was going on, because of the lack of background that this story has. A box-shaped character transverses a few landscapes, dying randomly in each one, except at the end where he finds a pink box which he fancies. Sure, stories with a subtle meaning to them where it's up to you to create a background story are cool, but unfortunately this wasn't one of them, and it was pretty random. I think this could do with a little background story to it, maybe some stuff which makes more sense, since without a story this got a bit boring.

The audio was great and fit with the flash really well. I don't think there's anything you can do to improve the audio, so good job in it :).

Overall, this is an OK submission. Unique, original, has good audio, and a good style of animation/graphics. I think my biggest gripe with it would be its lack of background and the fact that the story was hard to grasp. Other then that, keep it up ;).

-Review Request Club-

Abracadabra123 responds:

Zinoid is indeed a unique movie. I'm sorry if I answered this review three years later.


its so great.the resolution 50X50 and the music made it all
good job ;)


kinda liked the small resolution style, animation could been better but you did well with the space you had. the didnt really understand the plot, but overall it wasnt that bad.. 5/10

What was with the random deaths?

The video would've been a million times better without them. I half-expected the pink block to stab him at the end. =/

Abracadabra123 responds:

Because I didn't find something else.


you're right, i hadn't seen many flash in that resolution, and nice details :)
i though it will be a bad one, and is more than I expected :)

Abracadabra123 responds:

Yeah. I submitted 50x50 flashes before this one but they are blammed. I know it's hard to submit 50x50 flashes on Newgrounds without get blammed. Zinoide is a success.