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A Happy Little Boy

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probably won't get frontpage, aaaaaaaaaaaaand i probably wont even continue it... oh well, maybe if i get some good responses too it, i might possible make the next one...

EDIT: just realized the replay button doesnt work... ill fix it tomorrow i guess

EDIT: I will respond to all reviews, so leave a review and let me know what you think! Even if it is some sorta death threat something... =P

EDIT: DAILY 4th! omg awesomeness! its really cool cause this is only my second legit animation! =D

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A flash video has never cheered me up more in my entire life.

Sethdd responds:

haha, you're welcome my good sir.

nice :D

It waaas sooo cuuute :D I hope you could make more of these kinds of animations and song was pretty awesome also :D

at a side note : you pawned that guy under me who made the review :3

Sethdd responds:

Lol thanks, I will eventually when I have time again....

And yes did I did own the guy below me 'cause he's dumb...

your comment

see some of your comments and than see this animation and going like -.-
your critic was that the animation not so good and something like this but this video contains 90 % tweens and this is low-skill-boring-shit. sry but it's a fact
well the 10% frame by frame was not really difficult
so pls before you leave comments like the comment on the spider frontpage flash, show that you can do it better. but i aggre with your comment

Sethdd responds:

... Okay, How come you are able to comment on this and tell me what you think of the animation, when you have none? Oh, thats right, because everyone can give people their own opinion, so just because I gave my opinion on a flash doesn't mean I have to be an expert on something, they can use my advice or not, it's up to that person. I'm sorry you thought that my animation sucked, and that I apparently suck at animating, but I can't please everyone, and you are pretty much the only one who thinks that this animation sucks.

Plus you're hypocrite if you are telling me to show that I can do better before giving my opinion of someones flash, yet you have no flash animations.

Also, so what if it has 90% tweens, alot of famous animations out there are mostly tweens. Just because its not entirely done by frame-by-frame, doesn't mean its not animation.

very nice and cute

I had fun watching this one it had some cute moments the icecreame thing was great. And was the best part of the flash I thought. The animation flows well. Keep up the good work

I think you should make it into a series with its cuteness


Sethdd responds:

thanks dude, I appreciate it

Nicely done

This was one happy go lucky flash seeing that boy being so happy with his ice cream and the catchy music going on as well,the animation looked great with the black & white style it had a nice simplicity to it,overall you did a real good job on this happy flash of yours.

Sethdd responds:

Thanks dude! I'm glad you liked it! =D

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4.47 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2010
12:51 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 2, 2010