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Man this collab took so long to get done. We went through so many drop outs, new collab leaders, deleted threads, Duck Division crap, and so much more! But now I present to you, The AWESOME Collab!! Don't forget to find that easter egg!!

This collab was originally created by MakeShift which is why I coauthored him. Without him starting this collab it may not have happened. Thanks MakeShift!

People in this collab:
ughanation [Collab Organizer, Menu, Preloader, and Part]
ForNoReason [Co-Collab Organizer]
dante224 [Part and Easter Egg]
Dilarus [Part]
carbonwater [Part]

Thanks for watching! Enjoy!! And recommend for the Awesome Collection!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (1st collab of 2010, w00t)


Welldone Paul (and co)!

Awesome (sorry about the pun). CHECK YOUR PM'S PAUL! And finally, the voice acting could have been a tad better...lol!

Pretty good collab.

I've seen several people talk about starting an Awesome Collab in the flash froum, kudos to you all for making it happen. My favorite one was Teenage Mutant Ninja Awesome, Carbonwater did a great job on the animation and the voices were great. I liked most of them, the Link ones were clever but they didn't really express the Awesome atmosphere that you experience when you watch one of Ego's flashes. The clock was pretty good, but the Opawesome one was probably the most creative, even though I have a fear of possums, haha.

One thing that could have benefitted the collab was making a transition sound inbetween scenes, seeing the title tween to the side was pretty lame. I was impressed that almost every scene had perfect lip sync, that is a hard skill to obtain, so good job on everyone showing effort with their part. Overall, it was a visullay nice collab with good voices, but missing some "oomph" here and there. Anyway, I thought you guys did a swell job, keep up the great work!

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it was ok...

it wasnt as funny as the other collabs. dilarus was the funniest but it was too short. i know i dont animate to well or tell jokes but if you put a whole bunch of alright animators and comedians it not going to be the best. +1/10 for niceness :)

Not Bad

Most of the stuff I haven't really played or heard of, like fight club. So its hard to get those jokes, however I'm not going to be a jackass and hold that against you.
The Ninja Turtles one was my favorite, being the fact most of my childhood was trying to past that stage.
The volume seemed to jerk to a high and low factor at random points though, so it would be loud and then quite and then loud again. Like a commercial after a quite moment in some TV show.
thats probably the only annoying thing.
GJ though


I do not know why everyone is getting so butt hurt about this collab. I think all the parts were thought out really well and funny as hell! It kept true to Ego's style and humor. I have to say CW's part is my favorite, but they all kicked ass. There might have been some voicing issues but it didn't take away from the movie. Also, the length was good. I actually thought it was going to be shorter and was very pleased with the length. Great work everyone! It really turned out well.

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Jan 1, 2010
12:05 AM EST
Comedy - Parody