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Man this collab took so long to get done. We went through so many drop outs, new collab leaders, deleted threads, Duck Division crap, and so much more! But now I present to you, The AWESOME Collab!! Don't forget to find that easter egg!!

This collab was originally created by MakeShift which is why I coauthored him. Without him starting this collab it may not have happened. Thanks MakeShift!

People in this collab:
ughanation [Collab Organizer, Menu, Preloader, and Part]
ForNoReason [Co-Collab Organizer]
dante224 [Part and Easter Egg]
Dilarus [Part]
carbonwater [Part]

Thanks for watching! Enjoy!! And recommend for the Awesome Collection!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (1st collab of 2010, w00t)

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as the name ses this is awesome

A complete waste of time.

The transitions were annoying, the ideas were bland, and altogether, it just wasn't funny.


This gets no stars because...

1. the voice acting was so bad it was almost funny

2. It was ruined by the fact that you had "The AWESOME Collab" invading my screen every 5 seconds (Wether this was intentional or not I don't know)

3. it was too random and alot of it didnt make sense because (see number one) could'nt understand a thing some of them said.

4. Some of it was very badly drawn, like no effort was made into making sure it was drawn properly

Now the good points...

It was nice and smooth with no glitches

I love random movies and stuff but I struggled to like this but I can deffinately see potential here if the randomness had some sort of story-line to it, and maybe you could make sure all the voice acting is abit clearer next time as users with hearing difficulties might not be able to hear it properly and this goes for everyone, erm, the drawings really NEED to improve, if your going to take so long making a flash movie please make it look good to justify taking so long on it, I'm not getting at you btw I'm just pointing things out that you can improve on, just a little work and this could well be "AWESOME" and maybe just cut out the bit that says "I am daniels left hand" because it has a "WTF" factor to it, don't think many people would find that funny.


A complete rip off Egoraptor!

(No I am not going to use this space to troll because it is pointless, yes this is a cheap version of Egoraptors Awesome series but that is not what this space is for, so instead I shall say on improvements)

The animations were alright.. the voices were pretty rubbish, get a better mic and put it next to your chin so you dont blow down it. Also mroe expression is needed in the voices, the screw you was pretty much said like you was talking normally.

Much practice is needed to make this better!

(Next time don't make a stupid rip off some one else's work)

Not bad...

It had it's moments I think one of the best was when Link set off the Alarm, it had to happen eventually, and for playing a bit of Pixies I had to give you at least 5.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2010
12:05 AM EST
Comedy - Parody