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Legacy of Zelda: DLC [00]

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Just wanted to release one more flash comic video before the year's end, so why not make it a Zelda vid. I've been meaning to for a couple of years now.

Although called Episode Zero, it's more or less a concept video of what I want to do in a Zelda fan flash, at least elaborate on what I did back three years ago. It's set in the future, it combines multiple elements of the Kamen Rider series. Did I mention the Nintendo references? And Saria as an adult and references Doctor Who?

DeviantArt and Youtube versions!
http://avalonknight.devia ntart.com/art/The-Legacy-
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=kMHsCpTiaRc

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Hey, whats up?

Ok, so thi is interesting enough that I wouldn't mind seeing another episode. However, it didn't seem to have an active plot and it is talking about things that are unexplained. It leaves a feeling of confusion.

Another thing would be the delay you have in almost everything your characters say. This applies to just about all of your work. Sounds have a minor delay. Voices don't ever feel quite right. It is actually massively disapointing because your work is otherwise kind of good. At least good enough that I keep on coming back.

Aside from the weird delay feelings you also have a habit of never showing lip movement. Your characters don't "talk" they telepathically communicate. Mouths don't move and the voice box doesn't appear to be used. Although I can understand why this is. Mouth movements must be a real pain in the ass. Doesn't mean it isn't down rated for it. Just means I can understand.

Another thing would be your practical obsession with girl characters. Almost all of the characters I have seen from you are girls. It is understandable for someone to feel more confortable working with a certain gender. However there is a point where it becomes just a bit too much.

I have noticed the name "Rinku" or something similar to it show up in your work a lot. You also reuse voice actors. Although I guess that is understandable.


This looks awesome, but shouldn't there be a Male character? I'm not against Female characters seeing as we hardly get any of them in Kamen Rider, but at the moment I'm kinda wandering why there aren't any Males. Anyways, this looks good, although I'd like a back story and explanations.

omegafinal responds:

I'm just extremely comfortable with creating female characters.

Seeing how Skyward Sword is coming out, and I'm essentially abandoning this "season" for the next, I can just throw out spoilers.


There is a male Link Caster, and he is Saria's son and Tavia's older brother. But he appears about halfway through the season, and he replaces Rinku Nexus near the end after she gets critically injured in the last fight against Ganon and fell into a coma. Her Link Caster is based on Decade. He will appear in [working title] LoZ: Ghosts of the Past.

The overall story of LoZ: DestiRi Link Casters, besides stopping Ganon, is the "Third Princess". The story is that after Queen Zelda gave birth to her second and third daughters (they're twins), she got a premonition, hid the third daughter with another family, and she herself hid away. Princess Zelda is the oldest (going with the tradition set in Zelda II), Princess Lilliana is the oldest of the twins, and who is the third? It's Rinku Nexus, her real name, I haven't figured it out. I've released one other Zelda vid about three years ago, even though non-canon, it's "canon fodder".



Please make more.....


this was pretty good especially the ending which combined different video game characters. keep this up ecept maybe animate the mouths. i didnt know who the h*ll was talking

well... somethings missing dunno why thought...

some part of the story is missing, we have a girl from kokiri having navi as her fairy, a brown girl named tetra-samus able to use the chozo suit through navi... the princess who wileds the triforce of wisdom isn't zelda, and we see something that looks alot like a piranaplant from the mario games, i miss some story line here, what monsters, alot of the story is actually missing, and most of all, what about link? he's one of the main persons, also there is this thing: the mouths aren't moving, how do you expect someone to talk without opening the mouth?, it seems to be anice idea of a series, but try to get some inspiration... idk from who, i might suggest alvin-earthworm or Scoot who created Zelda unkown origins, he seems to be the right choice.

what i'm saying is: i was expecting a more... Zelda based storyline, instead, we get thrown into something we havn't got a clue of what is, maybe, if you end this episode, add some mre story behind the whole thing, since i don't know what happened to the kokiri girl since the princess had to heal her, although it's not even zelda herselv wielding the triforce. can you see where i'm trying to lead you? with all those things, i only tke away 4 stars, because i hope we will get the whole thing eksplained soon, so we don't have to worry about that anymore. but graphics were ok, maybe attach the end of the arrow to the kokiri girl though. hehe but else of all those minor things, this is ok maybe make the music a bitlouder since it's tricky to hear, it's more like background music like in an elevator, alot of things to improve, but i sure hope it will be better, and i'm waiting exited for the next episode if there is one to come

omegafinal responds:

I meant to have an actual first episode out sometime during the summer; but because of life, I can at least clear some stuff up in the case I couldn't continue it past "concept stage".

Yeah, a lot of the story is missing, mainly because at the time I honestly don't know how I should take it. Sure the basic storyline is fine and got all the plot points down, but there are stuff like how to apply some of the monsters in a modern setting. Sure, this is a Zelda fanflash spliced in with the modern Kamen Rider series (With the Chozo suit based on the Kamen Rider Kabuto concept, specifically Kamen Rider Drake; and Saria's weapon based on Kamen Rider W's concept).

There is still a Princess Zelda and she still has the Triforce of Wisdom, although she's is quite uncooperative for various reasons. One plot point revolves around the missing and probable dead "Third Princess", and Princess Lilliana was created to be the bearer of the Triforce of Power (in the original video, she was kidnapped because of it). The Triforce of Wisdom is said to be missing, but it is an important part of a device that looks similar to the Master Sword, which turns Rinku into her Link Caster suit. Yes, the Link here is a girl, and my reasoning that Link is suppose to represent sort of like an "everyman", even though he or she is destined to save the world.

Saria is the Kokiri girl that Lilliana healed, but an accident caused her psyche to change from being timid to being pretty much badass, and one fo the plotpoint I don't know if I want to follow or not. The original storyline revolved around the seven Children of the Sages, so with Saria being a child, I needed her to grow up. I was into OoT back then since that was my first Zelda game despite owning an NES since October 1992, I enjoyed more towards arcade games back then.

Even though I'm splicing in materials from Kamen Rider, I can justify the finishers (not shown )by saying they are essentially Final Smashes. The more and more I played with this, it's turning out more like a world of Smash Bros rather than Zelda alone, since wrote in more and more Nintendo references and characters re-envisioned. Even so, one major plot point must deal with someone wanting Ganon to come back to life and it's not all that's cracked up to be.

Sorry that you didn't get it. It's a risky move I know to just throw out a video of only concepts without any real bits of story, and hopefully this clears some things up on what I was thinking of behind the scenes.