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BiZZaRo tribute to the best of Newgrounds, 2009.


Thanx for front page. The real credit of course goes to all the members of the NG community who made this year amazing.

Here's the references, as requested, for those who want to go back and watch the full Flashes showcased in the 'clips.' I will try to sit down and go through all the 'Polaroids' and make acknowledgments tonight. I simply don't remember them all at the moment... =)

Sometimes, y - The-Super-Flash-Bros
Comme un Poisson - Stamper
From Player to Playa - The-Super-Flash-Bros
Madness Combat 5.5 - Krinkels
Jerry: The End - HotDiggedyDemon
8-BIT Waterslide - teaandcheese
$00pah NiN10Doh! - Kirbopher
Cat Face - TheWeebl
Such is Life... - DHaynes
Blockhead 11 / Mastermind 4 - The-Swain
The Real Legend 3 - Granfaloon
The Ballad of CrippleKane - AlmightyHans
Weird Al: Canadian Idiot - Pappy135
Grumatorium - BarfQuestion
Yoyo vs FLLFFL - Hyun1990
Saturday Morning Watchmen - HappyHarry
The Transformer - JohnnyUtah
LARRY episode 1 - Jazza
Awesome Cracks Down - Egoraptor
War, Snow and Fire - Valerofond
Little Wheel -fastgames

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Just Great...

Now I have to watch this over, and over, and over again. Then Watch every other work of art mentioned in this one. Do you feel good about yourself. Bringing happiness into my life. Well you should. And IAmWeird33 FUCK YOU, YOU COCKSUCKING PRICK

Amazing!!! And Thank you!!

Thanks for including my flash! :D
I'm REALLY honoured! :D Seriously!
This video it's title sequences were so amazing.


dude to tell u the truth i like it how u put parts of newgrouds videos into one video :)

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:


Oh god no

This flash has almost no original material in it. Decompiling a ton of the best flashes of 2009 and putting them together with some sappy music is something that requires no talent and could be done by almost anyone that knows how to use flash and a decompiler. Even movies that had the worst artwork in them deserve to win an award more than this did. The voters of newgrounds are judging this movie on the work in it done by other people. You are a thief and a cheater who can't animate his own original work. At the very least you could have reanimated them by them and traced the flashes that would still be cheating but it would show that you had put at least some effort into this. You are a perfect example of artists who want to become famous and popular on newgrounds. But are too lazy to actually try and take the easy way to do it. The cheaters way.

Don't bother replying to this review because I have seen in previous review replies you have given that you cannot accept the fact that you are a terrible author and will probably do something like compare it to my work or just say something retarded like "Your momma wears snowpants to comicon"

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

Oh, but I will reply, dildo.

Your momma DOES wear snowpants to Comic-Con. At least you've accepted her for who she is. And oh yes, I will compare my work to your wor.. ermm.. pathetic attempt at contributing to this community (couldn't call it work without laughing.)

Since you took the time out... from what is surely a very busy life of HappyHarry worship, Call Of Duty and stroking your baby dick to Spankwire... to go back and read old reviews and then write this jealous, useless diatribe, I will reciprocate.

What the fuck is 'the cheaters way?' What are we cheating on? Did this suddenly become the SATs or something? What the fuck do I care if it won Daily 3rd? It's not even a real trophy. It's a MOTHERFUCKING SPRITE, DICKHEAD.

You froot loops are MISSING THE POINT that this was an homage to those great artists. ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? I didn't try to steal their work and pass it off as my own. I was HONORING IT. I edited some movies I liked into a music video. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT, YOU DICKLESS FUCK?

I can't animate? I'M LAZY?? You faggot twat. Watch 'The Cute Lil Christmas Alien' and compare it to 'Rainmaker.' Your skills are shit. Your opinion is shit. You are shit.

PS.. j/k I <3 you Evil Bean Clock...

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4.51 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2009
6:19 PM EST