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hugs are good

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killing is bad

EDIT: wow I really can't believe I got frontpage with this animation lol! thanks tom!

UPDATE: Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that this was made in one night... so no duh the animation is horrible, I meant for it to be like that, so dont think your cool cause you noticed that it has bad animation... this was mainly just me having fun, trying to figure out something to do while I was bored, so dont jizz you pants over how bad the animation is, geez... just wanted to clear that up... and I just want to let all of the newgrounders know, that I love each and every one of you! xoxoxo <--- hugs and kisses you homos...

UPDATE: Btw this update above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ people need to get a sense of humor... and realize that it is a joke, I want constructive critisism, but not about the animation, because I already know its bad, and I made it look bad on purpose. I want critisism on my voice acting... So if you can't take a joke then I'm sorry but you are probably failing at life.

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911 What's your emergency?



That was the greatest most bestest animation in the entire
worldddd:) donkey

Sethdd responds:

Thanks. Goat.

Nic3 M4n

see i liked it so much i put in leet just to show how much i liked it.


the lack of swearing made it funnier and the :\ animation made it funnier too i believe it needs to continue the hilarity must never end!!!!!

Sethdd responds:

I'll finish the second one eventually, thanks for the review

I liked it

This was one silly flash with the animation and the flashing mouths that went together with some really solid voice acting,the script was great and overall i thought this was one funny flash. =)

Sethdd responds:

thanks dude! im really glad you liked it!

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4.05 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2009
5:05 PM EST