Color that fox!

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Wowow. Front page! Thanks so much Tom! I had fun making it, and all your comments so far have been taken into consideration for things that I need to work on for my next flash. Thank you for all your critique!


Well, this was my first animation, ever (Not including stick figure flashes from High School). I played with flash a little several years ago but never did anything major, and I got a tablet a bit ago and this was my first project with it, after doodling a bit, of course!

I got the idea after doodling the fox a couple times while getting used to the tablet and listening to Dr. Reanimator. The first time I heard Dr. Reanimator was listening to Zarla's music video, so you could say this video was inspired by Zarla! :D

<3 Her animations anyway. :P


10 for the animation 4 for the song.

I loved this, I just didn't care for the song. It fit lyrically and all, but as a musician I really just didn't like it. Again awesome animation.

That was adorable!

The fox was adorable (I have to make up for this...Football. Beards. Axe body spray. Man Manliness. Ok I feel better now), I can't say it any other way. It was a slow moving flash, and I was unimpressed at the beginning. Basic drawings, but later through the flash, something changed and I was impressed. A very good movie.

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Wow really nice!

I loved the flash overall. Good plot, nice art, and great song! TBH the fox looked cuter without color, though it's just my opinion <3


Can someone tell me the name of the song, pleassssssssseeeeeeee!!!
Awesome animation also.

Frokusblakah responds:

Dr. Reanimator, Move Your Dead Bones.

I flashed it at the beginning of the movie and its up in the corner under "additional audio"! =P

Love that fox!!!

That fox is so simple yet amazingly cute. i love how his expression changes, yet still remains somewhat cheerful. I watch it once a day just to cheer me up a bit.

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Dec 29, 2009
2:01 PM EST
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