Tekken the Piss : Kunimit

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Here's Kunimitsu's feature. It's a reaction based game, similar to samurai kirby and older titles. You use the "a" "s" and "d" keys. If you get to the end and ask why did she do that? It's to do with Yoshimitsu's sword and "manji" tradition. If you research it, it will be apparent. It's not very difficult, my focus was primarily on making it seem like a japanese game. Thanks for your support whether you watch, vote or review this. Appreciate it, I will respond to all reviews.

TOMORROW// Releasing GON and MARDUK.

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Wow! You sure know your Tekken, you copied down everything Kunimitsu related down to her stage music.

My only complaint is the key pushing is too sudden, forcing me to trial and error it too much.

Oh wow.

I'm surprised to find this here. Especially on Newgrounds since you don't normally get Tekken-orientated flash's on this site to much. A sham really. :*(

Anway, (moving on) I'm even moreso surprised to find a Kunimitsu flash here given how much of an underated character she is. (Kunimitsu fan here <3) I also like how you kind of studied her background, (her going after Michelle's pendant, being expelled from Yoshimitsu's clan, etc) and put some meaning into the character.

Decent flash, I liked it. Although it was a little jittery with the sfx and whatnot, I had fun playing it. And because I'm feeling so nice, I'll give you an extra star of 9 given how rare these kind of flashes come by.

main reason such a mid score

why did you have kunimitsu kill herself in the end!!


It was a good game. I surely did enjoy it.
I hope you can make more like these ;]


Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

I totally stole the game concept from Kirby Superstar on the snes. I will make some more games hopefully if I can better at actionscript. Thanks for the review :D

Tekken Kunimitsu

Why is she not on TEKKEN 6? or other tekkens?

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

I think mainly it's because her move sets are too close to yoshimitsu's and she wasn't very popular with audiences so they killed her off. In tekken 1 she has a man's voice!

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4.72 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2009
12:19 PM EST
Skill - Other