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R.I.P Sex0r

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at 5:26pm europen time, sex0r was pronouced dead from a massive heart attack, this is my tribute 2 u, i will miss u man!! lots of luv, heil.

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I doubt he's dead

Well, it doesn't look like the guy has made any non collaboritive work, but I'm still not sure if he's dead. If he is, it's sad that I did not hear about this on the forums or anywhere else. This is actually nice music you have. I don't know what this guy was like, but most likely he would have enjoyed this. You used that grave making site I've been to, and it seems something silly enough to like. I still did not like how it was just a single image.

You should be more colorful in your submissions. I guess I can't blame Sex0r, because he's apparently dead. I have heard other times of audio stuff being taken away because there was too much of it. It's not good, but at least it isn't terrible. This was kind of emotional, but it just seemed like it was far too easy to make.

never again will we have such a talented musuician

rip brother

Heil responds:


rest in peace sex0r

best musician the world ever knew

Heil responds:


i feel your paine

ur not alone ive lost some one but not in the same way
he died of lung cancer and he never smoked nether second hand

Heil responds:



I never knew the guy, but I'm sure he made good music, rest in peace to him. No offense though but if you wanted to honor him you should at least get the spelling right, again no offense. Still its nice of you to make a tribute to him.

Heil responds: