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The following movie contains overpowered hedgehogs with a hyper-beam-addiction in pixelated form.
If you don't like such creations, please leave.
[EDIT 2]:
Wishes do come true! Thanks for adding this collaboration into the Sonic collection!
[EDIT 1]:
~(5)~ Daily 5th Place - 12/29/2009
Thanks for the support, people. =D
If this end up in the Sonic collection, then that would be the highlight.

This collaboration is about Sonic and others, fighting just for fun. Punching their brains out and kicking their bones apart with a few guest stars.
The collab had some rough starts, but we somehow manage do it anyway.
It first started with MikeyTheYoshi as the collab leader, but then I came around and got interested at making an entry for this.
After awhile it somehow extended to making a menu, preloader and ended up being as the collab leader myself.
Well, even after all that happened, we liked how the collab turned out and we hope that you'll like it too.
I first thought it was about the GBA game, but then I realized it isn't.
It's about Sonic having a battle with others random characters...

A very misleading title, but oh well.

Also there are subtitles in the very last part, but are turned off by default.
You can either turn it in the options menu on or activate it via Right-Click menu.

Collab Members:
MikeyTheYoshi aka Lukeyjohnno

Special Thanks to Tom Fulp for extending our upload limit.


awesome collab

i love it nice collab guys hope you make a second one

Pienkaito responds:

Great that you liked it.
A second one? I don't think so. =P

A thumbs up

It was well done. Not much needs to be said about it really. It's a sprites-only collab about Sonic characters (plus multiple cameos) duking it out in fast-paced action. It's quite apparent that all the members here were inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Z series, but since that's the face of good sprite animation, there's nothing wrong with that.

I'm sure you've heard this multiple times, but this collab isn't really "oozing" originality. We have the same Sonic sprites in every part, save for just one. The very same Sonic sprites used in SMBZ. The sound effects are rips from SMBZ (which were originally ripped from Dragon Ball Z, but I don't care about that sort of thing). And the style of fighting is, what do you know, based off Super Mario Bros. Z.

It's nice that you gave us a warning before watching the movie that it contains generic fighting, but that doesn't excuse this collab for what it is. But if you can get past all the negatives of this flash, what we still have here is some pretty solid animating skill. At least nobody stood out as awful. Everybody knew what they were doing, knew what they were getting into, and pulled it off. The result, was watchable, maybe a GOOD time waster.

The minigame wasn't anything special. Just attack until you can pull off a powerful Special move, and start using your MP to heal once you're at low health. It didn't take much skill to beat (at least not for the default difficulty). I couldn't figure out how to switch characters though. I was stuck with Mario. My only problem with the minigame was it's lack of appealing interface. A life bar instead of just numbers standing out in the open would have been ideal.

Overall? Well, like I said, a pretty solid collaboration. It included a scene selection, and bios and the whole deal. But did the intro really have to be so long? A simple "skip" button would not have been hard to make.

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Pienkaito responds:

Wow, I never thought I would make a good time waster. XD

Anyway, there's only one character available in that minigame. Sorry about that.
I knew it, we should let the "character select menu" out. It only lead to confusion.
And the interface could be much better to, I know. But I didn't want to focus on the minigame a lot.
Yeah about the sprites, those Sonic sprites belongs to everyone. It only proves, that Sonic Advance sprites are the best looking ones. So, you can't blame the animators.
I have to object one big thing: "It's quite apparent that all the members here were inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Z series".
That's definitely NOT true. I'm not one of them.
Sorry guys, but be honest, do you see anything that relates the Super Mario Bros. Z series?
You can't really count the 3D perspective, since I did it on my own and it also looked much better.
But if you do, then the rest isn't.
With that out of the way, thanks for watching it anyway and thanks for writing that great review. =)

freaking great

whos the song in the last flash by?whats the song called

Pienkaito responds:

Jaret Reddick - Endless Possibilities
(From the game: Sonic World Adventure aka Sonic Unleashed)

its alright...

theres some severe Plagiarism on Alvin Earthjworms style happening in this animation. also, as well as the animation may be, it just moves far too slow and can sometimes be a little dull. but some effort was involved so five stars and no more.

Pienkaito responds:

wow, nice word usage.
Yeah, there were a few parts that mimics Alvin's style. Even though the movie contains overpowered hedgehogs with a hyper-beam-addiction in pixelated form, you can't expect them, having super speed. Especially Chaos and E-102. They were the slowest characters in the GBA anyway. =P

But thanks for fair rating. =)


for a minute there i thought this was actually sponsored by sega...
i thought the first NX animation was the best.
although the second NX was to long so i got bored. but pose was nice

Pienkaito responds:

lol, I don't think, that Sega would sponsor some random apes like us. =P
Anyway, thanks for the comment.
I hope you liked the other parts too. They were great too.

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2009
4:29 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place December 29, 2009