Sonic Battle: Collab

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The following movie contains overpowered hedgehogs with a hyper-beam-addiction in pixelated form.
If you don't like such creations, please leave.
[EDIT 2]:
Wishes do come true! Thanks for adding this collaboration into the Sonic collection!
[EDIT 1]:
~(5)~ Daily 5th Place - 12/29/2009
Thanks for the support, people. =D
If this end up in the Sonic collection, then that would be the highlight.

This collaboration is about Sonic and others, fighting just for fun. Punching their brains out and kicking their bones apart with a few guest stars.
The collab had some rough starts, but we somehow manage do it anyway.
It first started with MikeyTheYoshi as the collab leader, but then I came around and got interested at making an entry for this.
After awhile it somehow extended to making a menu, preloader and ended up being as the collab leader myself.
Well, even after all that happened, we liked how the collab turned out and we hope that you'll like it too.
I first thought it was about the GBA game, but then I realized it isn't.
It's about Sonic having a battle with others random characters...

A very misleading title, but oh well.

Also there are subtitles in the very last part, but are turned off by default.
You can either turn it in the options menu on or activate it via Right-Click menu.

Collab Members:
MikeyTheYoshi aka Lukeyjohnno

Special Thanks to Tom Fulp for extending our upload limit.


Awesome, beyond all expectations

this was far from what I expected, in a great way, even the minigame was cool.

what an awesome battle collab

you animators sure know what your doing when it comes to sprite animation and i loved the ways the battles flowed so smoothly

Very Nice Collab Guys xD

I loved the whole thing, it was fun to watch and I hope this gets front paged ( or front paged again) so that Alvin Crazy fans much like munchy the panda, know that Alvin didnt just create the mario and sonic thing, its been around forever ^^. My fav part was the ending, it was creative and funny xD. MAKE MORE COLLABS


this is a great flash my favorite part was tails,luigi,and the para koopa vs shadow.
shadow got pwnd(munchythepanda is acting idioic for rating this one star.)


The following movie is some fans bad attempt at trying to be like Alvin the Earthworm, only these guys have pointless fights for the sake of fighting.

Pienkaito responds:

Say WHAT????
No way! No way? No way! No way? No way! No way? No way! No way? No way! No way? No way!

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2009
4:29 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place December 29, 2009