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Computer Croc

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Dile got bored so he went on something resembling newgrounds

Edit 02/01/10: I finally got 5000 views already
Edit 07/08/10: NOW with SOund Effects

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Um.... hey man...

Yeah, so you probably need to refine your craft a bit before posting more. Seriously, this is one of the worst vids i've seen.

As a friend, save yourself some harassment and take a few months to learn how to become better.

Also, edits shouldn't be overused like that, you make yourself seem kinda needy.

Brilliant and Ironic

I bow to your excellent wit as you present us with a movie about submitting a poorly done animation to the portal THROUGH a poorly animated submission to the portal.

That takes some balls my friend, and you have shown you got yourself a big ol' pair of brass orbs.

Well done sir!

Despite your little problem....

Okay listen, so apparently, stress renders you unable to animate well? Uh...huh. And not wanting to leave things unfinished should never prevent you from putting in ACTUAL EFFORT. And if it does, well then you don't have what it takes to be an animator.


I swear, why does everyone bash this guy? This may be a slightly (or maybe more) crappy video, but still, the guy took the time to make something and it got hits and even the front page on Newgrounds! Come on, stop bashing him and just congratualte him. I give this 5/5 and 10/10, but, in all fairness, it really shouldn't get that. Still, good job dude.


i dont need to say it was bad, do i?
i actually gave it a 1 while it was still under judgment....happy for you it made frontpage though. But we both know it isnt really frontpageworthy, now dont we?
Don't rant about stress, if this gives u stress, how bad would the other flash artists be stressing? Don't mind me though, i'm not a flash artist, who knowz, i might stress my arse off too...(why'd u stress anyway, a deadline perhaps?)

It might not be thàt bad, its just not right that its on the frontpage now. And with 600 of 616 people saying its a bad clip, u might just try believing it IZ a bad clip, without excuses. U might want to get anti-stresspills for when ull make ur next flash, it might turn out better than.

And i seriously hope u Will take anti-stresspills if that makes u animate better..

I'll just leave it to that. thank u for reading and voting this review useless.

Ow, and ill give u a 4, since as said, it wasnt thàt bad. You just need ur pills.

Blackrhinoranger responds:

Nah. I'm just bored