W.I.P. Zombie city

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Author Comments

ok small w.i.p. i made im not done yet but there will be zombies and a few survivors pretty much battling it out. sory for the continuing music, there was a glitch and if i made it stop the music everytjhing would screw up. i will hoopefully finish this soon but im really busy thanks for watching oh and credit to dustdevil for the soundtrack the land of the lost. in the finished product i will correctly credit you in my credits thanks!

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Are you use Google SketchUp ?


good start i cant wait to see the finished product


As of right now there is not alot to look at but seeing as it is a W.I.P this is a given. The drawing, and the backgrounds seem pretty well drawn out, and the music fits given the genre that I think you are trying to go with. As has been said in a review before this, some parts seem a little choppy, hopefully this will be worked out in the end, after it has been completed and polished.

Seeing as it is a W.I.P and not alot to it, I cannot give it a higher score atm, but I will be interested in seeing the final product. Thank you, and take care.

Not much to say

Other than the city looked kinda cool and the music was good. I'd like to see more of this but for now, this movie wasn't very good.


ik! ik! its a WIP! but STILL! try reducing the length of the scene at the beggening that dragged on for 2 minutes by either getting into the movie you have so far or swith between diffrent shots of the lands scape
ALSO try to smooth out the movements of the flash, its seems like to move the pictur you used anywhere from 2 to 10 frames in some areas, try giving the frames shorter moving distants to give it a smooher movement and thpply a motiontwen to the frames,
what you have so far DOES HAVE POTENTAL but plz try fix the overall flash so you dont bore your watcher

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2009
9:52 PM EST