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well this is some sort of parody of left 4 dead, if you are wondering why those are not the original survivors, well those are my boyfriend, two friends and me as the survivors!! i originally intended to put a boomer at the end vomiting over the screen, but i also intended this to be ready for the 25! (an today is 27 -FAIL-) so i decided to cut that off... or i would have never finished this...

i know its not a really cool animation, but give me some time, i'll get better (i hope)


Seems more like just a start

I can see this being the start of something, but this didn't go anywhere. It's too bad you couldn't have added more to it. Perhaps it would have added depth or something to make it... um... interesting? It's good animation and the film-effect shit works well since that is part of the L4D thing anyway. Just try adding stuff to make it have a point in the future if you plan on doing more.

cAtyviri responds:

i know, i just did this for fun
but now i know a lot of things i need to improve on, and that is pretty helpfull, i hope next time i do better

No worries

Don't worry so much, the animation is fine itself, you just need to work more on the art drawings itself like shading and more colouring and stuff, the only problem is stuff like that usually makes the animation take longer as you know XD
And abit more length and there you go, as i say your fine with animation though, just those two points you need to work on i spect and these'll be great some animations you churn out the old mind-grinder :D

cAtyviri responds:

thank you so much :3!!
i know i still have a long way to go, but i'll keep trying to get better ^^

It was pretty "cool"

Obvioulsy not "much to see here" but it was decent for trying to be a little animation for a friend. Its not really bad, but I agree with the below reviewers saying that it didnt really "go anywhere". The animation itself was decent, along with the sound. Expand on the ideas in this animation and you might have a hit, just your overall animation, such as possible using some motion guides/tweens and redrawn keys several times over (you know, with onion layers most likely) might help make your animations better. Good luck!

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cAtyviri responds:

thank you!! i hope i'll do better next time :3

Good animation

I agree with the below "review" (I know it isn't a review but I need to call it somethin!) that it didn't really go anywhere, but had you got it in for the 25th perhaps it would've been better.

But, the animation is really quite good. I'm impressed on that front so hopefully you can apply this to a new animation!

cAtyviri responds:

thanks! i know there is no story or anything, it was just for fun

not bad

dident really go anywhere

cAtyviri responds:

well i just did it for the lols

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Dec 27, 2009
5:39 PM EST