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left 4 x'mas

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well this is some sort of parody of left 4 dead, if you are wondering why those are not the original survivors, well those are my boyfriend, two friends and me as the survivors!! i originally intended to put a boomer at the end vomiting over the screen, but i also intended this to be ready for the 25! (an today is 27 -FAIL-) so i decided to cut that off... or i would have never finished this...

i know its not a really cool animation, but give me some time, i'll get better (i hope)

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that was a great little video....


it was good i think if u tried u could make a really good longer video

Lovely, simply lovely

Pros: There's a fact where most people hate Christmas and love zombies
Christmas+Zombies+Weapons=Fun Christmas
Animation was great
Music fit for the job
Cons: Lacked time, a little short

Looking forward for more stuff! :))

cAtyviri responds:

awww thanks, i dont even know if i'll animate more stuff
i honestly think i suck XD
i lack the patience to do something i could be proud of u.u


beast vidio ever of left for dead if you make a left for dead 2 one get me i love being a hunter

cAtyviri responds:

thank you =D!! i hope i'll get some time to animate again... i think its been over a year since i dont try to make animations D=!

Good job

I like whole idea of it. Making a stand against the undead hordes, and the Christmas setting gives it that dark humor all zombie fans love.

Billy Joe from Green Day is your boyfriend? Nice...nice...

cAtyviri responds:

thank you! i wish i was better animating so it could look cooler

and while i made this i never thought of green day! haha i have a friend who sometimes wears black shirt with a red tie =P
it was totaly not intended