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Soul Arms

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Synopsis: Embark on an epic journey in this fast-paced, side-scrolling action RPG.

Phew... It's been nearly 18 months since I started working on Soul Arms and now it's finally complete! =D I hope you guys enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoy making it!


Move Left: Left Arrow Key
Move Right: Right Arrow Key
Back Dash: Up Arrow Key
Crouch/Pick up Items: Down Arrow Key
Attack: A Key
Jump: S Key
Equip Skill: E Key
Use Skill: D Key
Shadow Steps (Lv.4 Skill): SPACE+Left or Right Arrow Key
Soul Burst: Z Key
Soul Blast: X Key
Items: Number Keys
Pause Menu: P Key

Result Screen:
-Press Space to view result immediately.

During Event:
-Press Space to advance dialogue.
-Press Enter to skip scene.

-You learn a new skill every time you level up, so when you level up remember to check the pause menu for your new skills, they can really come in handy and help you get through some of the more difficult levels.
-Mouse over the items to view their descriptions.
-Beat the game once to unlock survival mode.
-Beat the game once to unlock the summon item (item #4).

Known Bugs
-Throwing knives can't hit aerial targets.

Other notes
-You may report any other bugs directly to me at magnaarts@gmail.com

Kenxeus found a critical bug that prevented him from beating the assassin boss. The problem seemed to be related to my encryption software that's making certain codes unusable.

*Update - 29/12/09 The game just got updated! The bug's fixed :D
*Update - 31/12/09 Released Soul Arms version 1.2 with several bug fixes.
*Update - 31/12/09 Released Soul Arms version 1.22 - Moved the save button to a more prominent position and corrected some typos in stage 1 and 3. If you notice any more bugs or typos please let me know so I can fix them.
*Update - 2/1/10 Released Soul Arms version 1.25 - added squire mode.

p/s Thanks for playing!



the graphics are very good , the sprite maps were awesome and music is chosen well. the only complaint is the difficulty of some bosses, but with a little bit training it isnt that of a problem.

like the strain system on here (it reminds me of those old turn based RPG for some reason) becuase you cant just barge in and tank your way trough the enemies.

thumbs up, and dont be too concerned bout the negative comments here (but rather look at the actual rating)

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i liked it

the only thing about this game was the fight with the assassin. he is way too hard, he was the only thing that liked me in the entire game. i lost over 10 lives easily. Also, i dont like that you cant get all of the skills on one run through, or at least i didnt. But other than that if was a fun game that i would be proud to call my own.

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Not Amazing, Not Terrible

You did good the story is one that's been told a million times but it fits the game.
Robotking98 that was kinda harsh I mean honestly I've played games that were much worse on here so I think how you went on and on blaming one user for one submission was kind of unfair.

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Annoying and not very easy

The art style is brilliant, but that alone isn't enough to save this. The story just seems to get in the way of the fighting, but even that isn't as fun as it should be. You end up getting hit so often and take so much damage, it turns out to be more frustrating than enjoyable.

Could've been so much more, but turned out to be so little

2/5, 3/10

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I'll give you some credit for a good storyline, but that's really the only thing you're going to earn points for from me. Honestly, the art could have been much better, and the fighting style just plain bites. If you got surrounded in a battle, you might as well just give up, refresh and try again cause there is a lack of a way to actually block attacks.

Another thing I noticed is that strain just ruins the game. To be completely honest strain rises too high too fast, and then takes forever to cool down if you hit 100%. In other games I've played there may have been a cool down feature where you were temporarily stunned until it cooled down, but not to 0%, 0% is just being unfair to the player cause it takes far too long to reach it from 100% and they will easily die with just one opponent on the field.

And that brings up another problem, enemies deal far too much damage, like I said, if you are stunned by strain and there is even one enemy on the field that is a golem or higher, you're pretty much gonna die, fair? No.

Also, at the beginning of the game the one who you're traveling with says your soul burst attack, which drains all your SP could kill any boss, which is completely wrong. After you reach the cursed sword with that weird orb you have to hit to actually do damage, the soul burst does oh... maybe 1/4 of it's health.

And on the topic of the boss battles, let me say just how aggravating and unfair or unmatched they are. In the fight against the boss ghost sword, you have to attack the orb, which is more often than not, far off from the sword itself, which just makes the sword open strange vortexes right where you are, draining your health and your SP, making it so that it's almost impossible to get in more than one hit at a time, and with your SP being drained by the vortexes you'll be doing less and less damage every time. Another thing about that same fight is, that the orb will constantly change to the other side of the field, making it so that you have to move past the sword, which is guaranteed to get at least one hit on you every time no matter what you do.

Now on to the fight with Ingrid, at this point, this one was especially aggravating, her attack where ice comes out of the ground is virtually impossible to dodge because the order they come up in is unpredictable and your jumps don't last long enough to keep you in the air from start to finish of even one ice shard coming up and hitting you. Now on to the fact that she flies out of reach, you've made it so that she can just stay at the top of the screen and just hammer us with her annoying ice attack that we can't dodge. Now on to the most aggravating of them all, the first assassin battle.

This battle just goes beyond any limit of unfairness I have ever seen in any game before, and the way your character battles does not help with it whatsoever. Once he has hit you with his ninja star or whatever, he rushes in on the side you are not facing and hits you, making it so you can't turn around and you can't strike back, making it a pain in the ass to even land a hit on him, let alone kill him. And when you do land a hit on him, he just appears in the sky, out of reach of your sword and throws knives at you, making it so that unless your back is to him and you phase towards him, you're guaranteed to get hit. Not to mention his annoying phasing in and phasing out, every time after he attacks he either phases out and appears behind you and attacks you with a dagger or sword or whatever, or appears behind you where you can't see him and throws another ninja star at you.

And now that we are at the point of archers attacking you when you can't even see them on-screen, let me just say how unfair it is to let them do that, if you don't know something i their, you can't know that you need to dodge it, and if you are fighting another monster than you surely can't dodge it because once you swing the recovery time is long enough that you couldn't jump to avoid the arrow if you wanted to.

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3.94 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2009
3:26 PM EST
Adventure - RPG