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V.O.S.C. stands for "Virtual Online Sunset Collage". I uploaded it already at 3:00 in the morning yesterday, but decided it would be two times cooler if it was twice as large, so I deleted that one and I'm uploading this one.

About the movie... It's not on a loop, it's just long. Everything is made from the layering, movement, and heavy, heavy manipulation of pictures of sunsets from around the world.

Also, no, the photographs are not original, but before you take points off for this, please note the following:

A. That's what a collage is.

B. Don't worry, it took plenty of work and heavy modification to make the sunsets look like that.

C. Using photographs from the internet allowed me to use pictures of sunsets in different places around the world without having to travel all around the world (yes, they look different, something to do with pollution levels and distance from the equator).

D. The people who took/posted these pictures all seemed to just want them to be enjoyed by the general public, so I don't think any of them would be unhappy about me using them as I have.


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Well, this was a very interesting video. Although after watching it, I realize just how important interactivity is in this style. Even though it was just click here, click there, the interactivity of The Walls is what made it so captivating, and one of my favorite things on the internet. Not necessarily begging you to make another one again, though. Good work overall.

Superb! THX!

great work!

magic585 responds:

thank you

another one already?

now i've really got into it!!! good job!!

magic585 responds:

its basically the same thing, but bigger with credits and one fps higher. thanks!

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Dec 27, 2009
12:35 PM EST