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Kirby Meets A Bomb Thingy

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I made this this morning, my first sprite submission. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPRITES GO AWAY. The idea is cliche but believe me there may be possible better ones in the future. Also, I need some help on the Actionscript, I cannot get the BGM to stop playing after it ends. I tried sto (sound) but that did not work. Please help!


Make sure to look out for FlashFireEX's Kirby Collab as well :D

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is the greatest video ever


I can't believe you submitted this. I JUST taught you to Sprite Flash and you're already submitting quick stuff. You really should've waited but meh. You also kinda moved part of Kirby's eye a bit. You need learn about the magic of Ctrl +Z. I realize here on Newgrounds if a sprite movie isn't good, they'll pass with the "my first sprite movie excuse". I guess I'll let you pass with that too, cuz it's too late to ever make another first movie. Pretty good for a first, and a top-notch musician. Not amazing but pretty good. 7/10

Prodigal responds:


This is your first flash?

For a first it's amazing. The sprites go together fluidly as said below, and it's very beautiful. For kirby dying anyways. Making longer sprite videos would be better, and look up compression as said below again.

All it all 5/5 10/10 because I said so. lol jk It's really good. Better then what I could do.

Prodigal responds:

Gee, thanks. It's basically my first major flash project, i've actually had flash for about a year but I NEVER use it. I tend to make music instead. I had my friend show me how to make a sprite animation as well, so i'm happy too :D

I'll try to make a longer one, cut the song short, etc.

Thanks for the review!

Fair start..

..but work with compression - 2.2mb for a 5 second flash is a bit too much. Animation was ok, but watching flash without a plot is a bit of a waste of time for a typical viewer. You should know this.

Prodigal responds:

I'll see what I can do with compressing this. It's probably because of that bloody song. I'll cut it short next time, if I ever feel like finishing this skit, and then probably add it into something.

Thanks for the review :D


LOL but anyway dude i can see this is the beginning of flash experimentation with you. I do believe for a first try,.... it was alright.. it was well animated sprites ( ThaT MEANS YOU PUT THE SPRITES IN CORRECT ORDER SO THEY MOVE FLUIDLY).. i truly mean that.. but i would recommend taking the seriousness you put into your audio and putting into your flash.. even though it is sprites there is alot of potential to make something awesome... but you already know that.. invest the time and make your own music to your flash...

But it is all on you if you want to be a serious animator of sprites

personally if i were to make a flash i would write a song and then take the mental imagery from the song and make an animation. Your a talented guy.. all you need is to have the time set out to make something of a more grandeur scale.

You have my faith in you and you always have my vote.



Prodigal responds:


Everyone has to start somewhere xD

Anyways, to summarize it, I'll probably make about 2 sprite movies and then try one animated one and then give up. You have to give me credit for actually making the movement sub realistic :D

thanks for teh reeivew :D:D:D

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3.61 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2009
12:22 AM EST