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The Mummy's Tomb

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A movie about a game!

~I fixed the complaints about the sound, hopefully it won't blow your eardrums now. :)

PSSSSS-Are there any voice actors out there that are available? If you see this, shoot me a PM good sir.



~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

The animation was very smooth and seemed like it fit the video game genre really well. Perhaps animating the bullets that the robot shot at the Mummy would have made it a tad bit better. Those in between animations always help submissions out in my opinion.

~ Graphics ~

Very cool style of drawing and everything looked great in my opinion. It had a good cartoon feeling to the whole thing and while it didn't really look like a real video game, it looked pretty good for a flash submission.

~ Story/Content ~

A movie about a game!?! The madness. Ha, it was a random/funny game to watch. I liked how nothing really went right for the main character and how he was flying in the first place. The robot jumping out at the end put the icing on the cake though. Talk about overkill.

I could see something at the end like a kid holding onto the controller/playing the game and being like... This.. game... sucks... And just goes back to playing it again because he's so angry that he can't be it. It might be more comical if he just comes right out and says something like, THIS GAME IS AWESOME after having a confused look on his face.

~ Audio ~

Great sound effects and music throughout the whole thing. I like how the robot noises seemed a bit overdone as it made that part a bit more funny.

~ Overall ~

I wouldn't mind seeing the story added to a little bit, but it was pretty cool all around. I think it could be a bit longer as well.

~ Review Request Club ~

Voodoo responds:

I definitely wish that I'd added a better ending with a player, but alas..I did not :/


Great art style. I love the grainy video-type style you did here. Great music too. The sound quality was also superb and the variety of sound effect used enhanced the Flash.

~ Z

Voodoo responds:

Thanks, I thought it was all brought together nicely

Good random flash, annoying ending

A movie about a game, hm. I think this is a quite original idea, it would have been nice to see the person who played the game at least once in the flash, though.

The randomness in the game/flash was pretty funny. At first we see the mummy in the tomb and some sort of archologist. Then suddendly the mummy flies away in a magical cloud and a snake is spit at it by a huge birdlike creature... the sphinx is there and hits the mummy down, then we also have a werewolf and a giant robot. Phew, quite a lot of weird things in this short amount of time. ^^

The ending was really unexpected and gave me another good laugh. However, the sounds are pretty annoying and I think you should have cut the ending a bit shorter.

{ Review Request Club }

Voodoo responds:

I thought it was pretty original. Would have been better with mario sprites though :/

Psychopathic fun!!!


The animation on this ranged from being good to, choppy.
Obviously the big draw to this piece was your use of colors, fun, and vibrant,
kind of reminds me of the "harlequin fetus" series (although no where near as dark).

There wasn't really much of a narrative, however it was still a pleasure to watch the film, I enjoyed it more as an experience than as a story oriented piece.
I'll be sure to keep an eye out for some of your other stuff!

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

Voodoo responds:

Psychopathic??? What?? haha

I definitely didn't have a story in mind for this, I just added new ideas as I was going.

The Tummy's Womb

That was really great. I liked it. The characters' designs were pretty good.

Voodoo responds:

haha, I actually like that title better!

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3.37 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2009
9:53 PM EST