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Moovlin Cutscene - Shock

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So Moovlin has finished yet another level and falls down a hole, he's the red guy. His friend, Bobby Smith is being held up to a wooden plank, ready to be killed by electricity by the evil villian, Safuma Poll, which is the green guy. Moovlin and Bobby Smith have known each other for a while and have become the best of friends.

This is my first submitted animation, just wanted some feedback. Thanks!

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Agent Smith is Dead.

Please, Enter the Matrix.
Agent Smith is DEAD.

Nice animation, Brah!


The graphics have gotten really good! Good use of gradients and stuff. However, with the menus and stuff it would be nice if you used buttons that changed when you rolled over them... Plus you've used that same button graphic way too long.

Animation was good but minimalistic. While the concept was the important part, it should have had more cinematics, like Moovlin doing a wild hack and slash through the enemies with wicked combos.

Storyline didn't make much sense. I know it's from Moovlin and it's not from the beginning, but it would have been nice if you'd included a prologue or something explaining the build up.


The graphics are amazing and it really was effective at being dramatic. I played the demo and I'm a bit sad that Bobby died, his death would suck (being burnt to crisp). Love it! Can't wait to play the full game!

pretty good

details above and yay im the first commentor