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Another Christmas Thingy

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Ever think that Santa thinks of ways to make his job easier? Well, the Bunni Santa does! Just a little helping of holiday antics that seem a little unorthodox! You can't trust stereotypes anymore! Enjoy and comment! (And rate 5, or you're not getting anything next year!!!)
P.S. I apologize for there not being a loading bar on this one. I finally got around to figuring it out, but Flash won't let me open it up to edit it!

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Hi bald guy HII!!! lol

Nice Christmas flash.

This was a solid Christmas flash,i loved the opening statements also the animation looked good in it's own style with it being cartoony,the script was also good and the voice acting was solid so overall i enjoyed this Christmas flash you made,nice job.


Sadly FAR to many good flashes soar under the radar. This is one such flash. Despite this, it is still worthy of much praise. Good animation, great jokes, good timing, the works!

My one problem was with the voices. The voice acting it's self was top-notch, and that is rare indeed, but the voices were way to damn low. Gotta turn the speaking volume up a tad.

Reguardless this wins a 10/10 no question.


very funny.
Great animation

XD lolololololol

great animation and nice with the voices great job it was funnie in 2 parts im rotf funnie in 2 parts good job.