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Que hora es?

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Here's a little animation I worked on a few days before Christmas, then forgot and picked up Christmas day. I know it's not much and is really very bad, but it sends my late message of seasons greetings.
What is says is basic "Que hora es? (what time is it?) es navidad hora (its Christmas time!)

Q: Why is is in Spanish?
A: This started as a two page Spanish Christmas card I made for my Spanish class silly!

Sorry for the load time and no replay button

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

update: thanks for all the reviews and not blaming this piece of crap!
-holy shiz! I won a trophy!

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I didn't see you taking your Spanish Christmas card and turning it into an animation, but hey, it obviously worked out pretty well. Gotta say I'm impressed, as it's a big step up from your other animations. Hope you do well in the days to come on Newgrounds.

- Jared

P.S. Remake Tree Talk. :DDD

Simple but cool

I loved it haha
keep doing stuff like this.


the guy below me wrote the same thing i was going to write XD

snowball873 responds:

Wha whaaaaa.

Bien, pero...

Esp: Aunque ya estás hasta las narices de que te lo digan, no es Navidad hora, simplemente, es Navidad.
Además, el primer "que" de "que hora es" lleva tilde (qué hora es) porque los pronombres interrogativos llevan tilde cuando se usan en preguntas.

Por lo demás, muy bien.

Eng: I know you are tired, but it's not "es navidad hora", it's just "es Navidad".
Although, the first "que" of the phrase "que hora es" is written "qué", because in Spanish the interrogative pronouns have the acute accent when they are used in questions.

But it's very good.

merry xmas

XDXD navidad hora?? XDXD epic