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Bad Cop, No Donut

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It's meant to be fun and entertaining, so if you get all up in knots over this animation... you should stop being such a cop.

Thank you.


pretty cool

I liked the animation and the song. You had nice ideas as well, good job overall!

I would have given 10 if it wasn't for cuboy ^^

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I can see the cuboy roots :D

As the title says
great animation, cool song

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vectoplasm responds:

Thanks. Hopefully my next one will be less cubic :D But cube violence/insanity tends to be a lot funnier to me for some reason.

In other words



Your flash made a funny perspective on the harshness of reality. Tis too bad most people are blind to the real world, they watch too much tv and read what is only allowed in newspapers to really understand what the world is coming down to. Its all inside politics, basically inside all of us, it all boils down to "Each man for himself" -Power, Money Glory, don't get me wrong there are many with good intentions withen us. Every now in then they will toss in scandles just to toss those gaining power over them to the gutter just to level the minds of us citizens to believe governments are actually doing something so they can cover up there asses behind it all. But really, those that have achieved or inheirit power withen there lives soon finds themselves believing its not enough then they tend to either go overboard with it or try and give the citizens what they really want without or actually understanding the end results that can and usually does happens what id call an "Epidemic Domino Effect" which leads to disasterous results for example, CIA have recuited Saddam decades ago to take care of some of our problems back in the day and didn't realized decades to come he would become an result in there makings in which they created a monster and powerful foe in the end. So next time when you use your powers to gain, think about what could accure withen the lives of us citizens, is it worth it?

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vectoplasm responds:

So in a nutshell, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

style cube

this is simply fuck cool

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4.25 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2009
8:32 PM EST
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