Bad Cop, No Donut

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It's meant to be fun and entertaining, so if you get all up in knots over this animation... you should stop being such a cop.

Thank you.



He was a bad cop now he cant have no donuts. Well done great animation and music.


Love it! Great animation, awesome characters, love the rabbit. Especially his revenge at the end. Awesome song too. Nothing bad to say about this one.


It didn't really make sense to me but I liked it nevertheless for the cubish animation... Hahah reminds me of Habbo.

vectoplasm responds:

Yup the style was borrowed for sure, I had to add a lot of craziness just to off-set that fact. Too bad the band fizzled after only one album, I'll have to find new music elsewhere.

I lol'd

Never seen a square alligator before, that and so much goodness elsewhere - great animation to the song, I liked all the different ways bad cops shouldn't get donuts. If I absolutely had to nit pick, it's that I noticed there didn't seem to be any bullet holes in the giant lock on the donut shop in the last shot, though clearly you can see them when the officer is shooting at it when standing outside. Pfft - not that it detracts from the animation in any way - just something that caught my eye.
I really enjoyed this one.

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vectoplasm responds:

Thanx a lot! :D

Very catchy

And the animation was great.

I hope you will be able to get the permission you seek to turn it into a game, which I would definitely want to play.

Overall, great job on everything and keep up the good work.

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4.25 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2009
8:32 PM EST
Music Video