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R&A Christmas '09

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Just in time before Christmas!


1. You'll probably have to raise the volume on your computer
2. Watch the whole thing before voting
3. Suggest it to the Christmas collection
4. Marry my daughter
5. Bless your father
6. Add this to your favorites

Alright that's it

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Pretty funny with the sound effects made with your mouth, but the animation needs more work. Seems a bit rushed.

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:



Hahaha, maybe isn't the best flash of NG, but I laughed with this

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

thanks a lot man

Loved It

The elf burning alive and yelling "I'm such a faggot" awesome writing lol

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

DUDE you should get in on these flashes they're fun

like animation or sound or script or anything I'm sure it'll be cool

That was HALARIOUS!...in some parts.....

All I can tell you both, that was pretty funny
The voice acting

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

what about my drwwaaaings!!!!

thanks man

I'm not sure what I just watched.

While there was nothing in here to put me in the Christmas spirit, I was still entertained by the flash. The voice acting was funny, but the micrpophone quality was pretty bad, enough to make your ears bleed. Adding captionsor subtitles would help the viewer understnad the flash. Most of it was simple tweens, but I was actually impressed by some of the lip sync in your flash, a lot of it was very good.

The concept of this flash was hard to follow, but the elf driving the sleigh really made me question what I was viewing. The Santa part at the beginning was funny. Overall, it was an intersting take and representation of the Christmas season. I was entertained for the most part, it was an intriguing flash to say the least. Keep up the good work.

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

Well there's a reason the quality is horrible and it's really not that good.

2 days before Christmas Ricky and I literally went "PFFFFFFF HEY LET'S MAKE A CHRISTMAS FLASH"

I threw him a pitch and Ricky just went with it. If you couldn't tell, I'm sure you could, we made this up in like 3 hours total.

I'm really surprised with the responses, though. AND the fact we made it into the Christmas collection; I have no idea how that happened.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.