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the Forrest Lodge

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Author Comments

Turn on all the lights at the Forrest Lodge. The lights need to be turned on in a certain order. Solve the shape puzzles along the way to unlock the tunnels and finish the game.
This is the very first release of this game. I am yet to put in the finishing touches and would like some feedback first. Please review and leave suggestions/feedback and report bugs. I particularly would like suggestions for an ending sequence.
Thank you and enjoy! :-) Merry X-mas all.

EDIT: 26/12/2009. I have fixed all the bugs (that I know of) and put in an ending. This version also uses colour to show when a shape lock is activated. The new one is uploaded and ready to go. Hope you enjoy the finished game and thanks for the feedback.

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Has promise

Everyone loves the submachine series and this one reminded me of it. The bugs evidently aren't fixed. I just played this game and although reaching the top tower after using each shaped key and unlocking the different colors, I seem to be caught in a loop of finding the keys. I also see the blue triangle in the top bedroom, can click it and it disappears. In the outside view, there is a tunnel drawn that seems to lead to the center yard and there is a glimpse of that blue triangle at the end of it. After reaching that top tower and pressing the red button in the diamond level, nothing happens. Also, if you enter either of the two towers from the upper level, the only way to exit is to go all the way back down. If you exit the blue curtain in the bathroom, you simply reenter from the upper level of the bathroom. I would love to see how to obtain this mysterious fireworks ending. That having been said, these types of games are my favorite, so I am looking forward to your next venture.

iisotripyy responds:

The only thing I could suggest is that you need all the lights turned on before you can finish the game. When you turn the lights on at the very top, you need to go down once and back up; a new button will appear on the shape lock.

Finished!!!....Great game.

First!..Best game ive played in a long while.Awesome theme & art.Not too easy-Not too hard...You'll know you've finished when the fireworks are flashing over top of the building!


I gave it a nine when the ending is worked out it will be an easy 10 the problems I am having with this game right now is one after you put the shapes on the windows some keep blinking and you can grab the key regardless if you insert the appropriate shaped key for the window and along with that when you get the blue triangle after you get the keys in the key boxes it keeps giving you the diamond key and the triangle key every time you go to the basement part of the castle the last thing i noticed was after enterting the key right key in the shape boxes it turned red blue yellow green whick it did not do when i played it earlier there was also a switch on the last diamond box that was not there when playing it earlier I think the ending was going on the right path will the colors for the different shapes that we would have to solve with some time of clue in the game would be a great ending if there isnt one already that im not figuring out im just going to assume the game is not finished because i have tried everything ENTERTAINING GAME THOUGH CANT WAIT UNTLL THINGS ARE FIXED

Great game...

But there are some major bugs in it. I can't do anything with the shapes because that puzzle is already solved. Various items that were supposed to be in certain rooms vanish before I can do anything with them and you can't leave the tower with the bathrooms because of a bug in the crossway. This game can't be solved because of these bugs. I tried every possible exit and was stuck. I even made a map and was still stuck. Fix these because the game has a lot of promise.

Interesting game.

Umm... You could include a map of the thing. The rooms were confusing me like going through a window and ending up somewhere on a different level with no windows. And... I found that sometimes, when I dragged something and let go, it stayed in the same place and I have to drag it back or exit the room. You could also make it so that we can exit out where we came in... It was annoying to have to go through the whole thing again just t get out and think of a new solution... Ummm....... Maybe post a walkthrough for those of us going insane trying to figure out what to do next? And... err... your rugs (if thats what they are) are badly drawn. Also your moon looks like its right there between the castle walls. It doesn't look as if it is far away. And your perspective of the pipe in the overview looks funky when it comes out the front of one building but goes back to the building farther away. Yea... and one last thing. You can convey us hints through thoughts our character would have when we click on certain things... Or the light switches. Or you could do the speech bubbles when the character talks to his/herself like in some point and click games. Can't wait to see the finished version.

~Dees Crystalline~

iisotripyy responds:

Cheers, yeah I spent more time drawing the outside; I'll spend more time on the interiors. A walkthrough is also a good idea, I'll post a link to it in the comments when done. I might fix up the moon too, and definitely the dragging bug etc.... thanks for the feedback it's very helpful.

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2009
7:03 PM EST