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The Last Mall Santa

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When the fate of the holidays rests on the shoulders of a fat Mall Santa...
Enjoy! Sorry it's a little rushed, had to get it out for the holidays! We think it turned out pretty sweet. What do you think?

Steve Garnett and Nathan Gibson

Josh "Mouse" Moyers for Leprachaun voice.
David Garnett for Santa's voice.

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LOL i like it the style was good and funny as always.

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks for coming and checking it out! Glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you back for our epic remake of Mark of the Beast Snacks this month! *February*

-Taco Buttfish.

Epic Xmas flash

I found this to be one hilarious Christmas flash,the animation looked good i really liked it's style also the voice acting was really good i especially got a kick out of Santa getting zapped then going all crazy epic style,overall i enjoyed this Christmas flash very much.

tacobuttfish responds:

Thanks a ton! Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you'll come back for our epic anime launching in February! Add us to your favorites if you want to get a message when it launches!

-Taco Buttfish.


I noticed that you noticed that i added you to my fav artits and i also noticed that you sent me an email so i watched this and im glad i added u to my fav artists cuz this was pure genius power rangers with santa bravo, bravo

tacobuttfish responds:

lol, I'm glad you noticed! And even glader that you liked it!... yeah, I know, glader isn't a word... *sigh*. Wait till you see our cartoon launching next month... Holy shit is it uber

-Taco Buttfish.

lol loved it

this is best holiday movie EVER

tacobuttfish responds:

Haha, thanks! Glad to recieve that title!

-Taco Buttfish.

Epic! ^o^

This was really cool but some improvments you can make are when the characters were flying around and being thrown into walls is that they don't move fast enough, it also could have used more frames. Other than that I like how you were able to do all the yelling without the michrophone getting choppy. ^_^
I also love the easter bunny. ^o^