Eskimo Bob 56: Christmas

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It's the 2009 Eskimo Bob Christmas episode! Enjoy!

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You used that “End” thing from the Clock Crew. I admit I didn’t really care for this much. I guess I just don’t like Eskimo Bob. I never understood the point. The humor is too random for me. It needs to have more action.

If you’re going to have random jokes, you need to have a lot going on. This was still unique. Santa looks like a rabbit! Wasn’t this a word salad script? Uh, Merry Christmas?


These were always my fave back in the day and its pretty awsome seeing you have much more then before this particular episode was pretty good though, keep up the good work.

Not sure as this was alright with me.


Hahahahahaha So Funny. Great Job!

Great to see a new Eskimo Bob.

It's been quite some time since i seen an Eskimo Bob flash and just in time for Christmas too which this series never fails on Christmas specials,the concept of this episode was funny with the rhyme game plus the Captain Planet cameo was hilarious so overall i enjoyed this episode so nice job.

KILLER!!!!!! Applecore? Baltimore.

It's about time for a Christmas special, dudes! Who's your friend? SPLAT! Moral of Flash? Littering is bad manners.