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I hope you've had a fun year,
Merry Christmas Newgrounds!

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A mind so bright the truth shining shall sting...

Hey denzel first off your video is indepth and poetic and my god why havent others made something this great before anyway?

secondly @ DAWNofWar12 my bad i meant to add a helpful review rating to your post but stupid me my touchpad mouse jumped as my fat fingers slide a tad too far to the right trying to use the damned thing to click on the plus rating not the negative one.

and finally what program do you use to make these crocker i wouldnt mind making some of my own someday to see what rating you would give them, no doubt they wouldnt be half as good as yours though.

p.s. some might find it insulting some might not but i thought it was hillarious as hell when the monk snap-kicked jesus in the chops that was funny keep up the good work man.

Very Beautiful

This may only be for video or this is how you view life. If it's the latter allow me to say that you are one of the rare few who takes life on a perspective where I can not disagree with you at all. You have a beautiful mind, and a remarkable talent for art. You're an inspiration. Please do not lose hope in your work, you're works are amazing.

Muhahaha ^^

- Chaotic Freedom at the gates !
- Hold on ! Hold on !
- I dont "hold on" anything, let me live !
- U got to be approved, first !
- Approved by whom ? Approved for what ?? I dont ask nothing, leave me aloooooooonnnnneeeeeeee !!!

Contradiction and Paradox of the Human Mind, great stuff, is'nt it ?

Soooo well depict, at all.
Is it the common definition of art ? Being able to transmit emotions, feelings, messages, with a deviant langage ? An unique way of transmite data between brain to brain ?
You take a feeling, then you take a unknow path, and then the feeling is clean and understood in others mind. Isn't that magic ?

Happy new year ^^
Rooster on booster !

not bad

i like your style and music, i hope you make next year a new tales story ^^ do you know what i mean^^. I see you like random stuff,but its looks so wierd, but i like you and i wish you a merry X-Mas and a new year

d-z responds:

You too and happy new year!


Exactly how I feel. Merry Christmas.

d-z responds:

Sweet! You too and Happy New Year!

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3.18 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2009
4:53 AM EST