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Tuper Tario Tros.

rated 4.27 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Dec 24, 2009 | 1:39 AM EST

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Author Comments

EDIT 03/01/2010 : 1.000.000 views ! Thank you all, you're amazing :)


We were playing some Xbox Live games during lunchtime. Guillaume was really excited about "Lucidity" and the idea of playing a "Tetris platform" game... but he finally felt disapointed by the concept.

So, Guillaume decided to create a little Tetris plateformer for fun.
William came with the idea to mix up Tetris with another well know game: Super Mario Bros.

And here it is: Tuper Tario Tros.! (what an amazing title)

This experiment is the first one in a series that we will try to bring to you, sailors :)
Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks.



- Arrows to move
- X to jump
- Space to switch between games
- C to speed up the scrolling



06/01/10 - v 1.2
- How to play section added to main menu
- We added some control keys to fit with everybody's brain
- You can now speed up the scrolling, you tetris' lamers !
- You have now 120 seconds to finish the boss battle. This extra time is our new year's gift ;)



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

agrees 100%

with DEATHXTREMEX or whosits, the game is just too hard with the scrolling, and i didnt even have time to collect any coins. i played past the first tetris block and then i had to wait 10 minutes for the screen to catch up. the second time i played the tetris thing, i made one mistake and it fucked the whole thing up. maybe you could have a separate life system for the tetris side and the mario side?

great ideas, but couldve been better.

SwingSwing responds:

You should read controls from the game description, or read the "how to play" game menu section. C key allows you to accelerate the scroll.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I can't figure out how to make Mario jump. I assume that the up key would make him jump, but that isn't working. I can move Mario left and right, but nothing else. I can only rate it five out of ten because I assume it would be good, but cannot do anything. If there is a bug in the game that is causing this to happen, please fix it. The game looks and sounds interesting, but just being able to watch Mario go left and right because he can't jump is not entertaining. At all.

SwingSwing responds:

Try to press X or S :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Okay, the game is pretty fun. I can admit that. For you pros, you can build your own little private area where you hit your head with blocks. It's strategic, it's fun, and it's slightly challenging. Until the END. The "bosses". Now, I haven't gotten far enough to actually get 100 coins, but I hope it gives you a life. The accessibility of infinite lives is apparent, but with the screen scrolling, it's nigh impossible for me to stop and just hit blocks to get lives. The end is the most frustrating game in video gaming history. Yes, I think this is harder than anything else. IWBTG is for wusses, this shit is real thing. If you make ONE MISTAKE in the block placement, you die. Simple. And because it's so hard to get more lives, make 3 mistakes to die. I don't even know how many levels there are because I can't get past this bit. Once you mess up in three lifetimes, you lose for good and start back at the beginning. And this is only level one, just bloody imagine the rest of the levels. Honestly, I don't approve of it. Maybe add more powerups in the blocks than coins and mushrooms so I can actually stop screen scrolling, or possibly get a fire flower? Stage 1-1 and I'm stuck. Just unplayable for me. I'm calling down the thunder just on the difficulty. It's absurd.

Everything else is fine. Graphics are classic, music is classic, but gameplay is just...ugh. Good concept, bad execution.
Yes, I know that practically all reviews are marked bloody useless, go ahead and do the same here. Just providing criticism. Next time, try a game where blocks fall on you. Oooh, Tetris'd is better than this. But here you can hit blocks to shatter them with your plumbers hat, so not such a bad idea, perhaps.

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SwingSwing responds:

100 coins give you a life, yes.
About difficulty, it's not an easy game but maybe you didn't understand how to make the castle (even with no perfect) and so you think it's harder than it really is.
By the way, there is only one level. Hope you'll be brave and try again.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

what in the world?

yes, crossovers between games are great and all, but how are you suppossed to build the castle when you dont get the right tetris blocks. the worst part is, you have to switch back and forth in order to avoid getting killed by a goomba.

SwingSwing responds:

You don't need to fill the castle with Tetrominos in a perfect way. All you need to do is positionate Tetrominos in such way that all the edge shape of the castle is covered by blocs.
If you manage to fill the castle shape by putting all Tetrominos strictly inside the shape, then you obtain bonuses (perfect castle bonus).

While you are in Tetris mode to fill the castle, you can crush goombas with Tetrominos by putting Tetrominos on the ground (and outside the castle shape).

The Tetrominos you put outside the castle shape will explode, but you can use them to crush goombas OR you can use take advantage of this explosion to get a new Tetrominos.

So yes it's a difficult section (and poorly explained) if you want to complete the castle in a perfect way, but it's doable thanks to cruching goombas, make Tetrominos you don"t want explode and by moving Mario from time to time at the opposite side of the moving spawner pipe if you don't want to cruch much goombas and preserve your Tetrominos (if you have a good Tetrominos, you don't want to waste good Tetrominos :))


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

good idea, poor execution

The controls are just plane rediculous, at least tell me what they are ahead of time if you're going to make s jump. it's also obnoxious switching between modes, maybe figure out a way to play both simultaneously? maybe using wasd to move mario and arrow keys for tetris. Could have been a lot better, but wasn't. half credit for potential.