Tuper Tario Tros.

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EDIT 03/01/2010 : 1.000.000 views ! Thank you all, you're amazing :)


We were playing some Xbox Live games during lunchtime. Guillaume was really excited about "Lucidity" and the idea of playing a "Tetris platform" game... but he finally felt disapointed by the concept.

So, Guillaume decided to create a little Tetris plateformer for fun.
William came with the idea to mix up Tetris with another well know game: Super Mario Bros.

And here it is: Tuper Tario Tros.! (what an amazing title)

This experiment is the first one in a series that we will try to bring to you, sailors :)
Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks.



- Arrows to move
- X to jump
- Space to switch between games
- C to speed up the scrolling



06/01/10 - v 1.2
- How to play section added to main menu
- We added some control keys to fit with everybody's brain
- You can now speed up the scrolling, you tetris' lamers !
- You have now 120 seconds to finish the boss battle. This extra time is our new year's gift ;)


the boss is the BEST i mean theres offense and defense x2 mario ... you know jumping on the goombas and dogeing them BUUUT in tetris you can squash the goombas and build to defeat THE UNKOWN BOSS but its very very hard but i like that

Gaaa! I keep on failing in the boss part! The goombas made it hard, even extra time didnt work. So, if i encountered the flag, i would just kill myself instead of going for the flag. Anyways, nice game tho.

Excellent work! I love it!

This is one of the coolest ode-to-a-throwback games I've ever seen. So clever! I used a controller so it felt very true to form. I would have sat here for hours if there were more levels. I bet this would work with Asteroids, too. Cloud guys popping out spikey balls while you shoot at em with fireballs. Just a thought ;)

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To the people who made this game: I applaud you! This has got to be one of the most unique and clever platformers on NG! What an amazing premise. I have never felt more exited to play tetris! The game runs smooth, the game mode switching mechanic is fluid so when you fuck up you only have yourself to blame which is great because it makes the player want to continue playing the game. I feel like this is what flash games should be more like. Not that all the other flash games are bad just sorta half assed. Thank you for making this game! 5/5!

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Dec 24, 2009
1:39 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle