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Tuper Tario Tros.

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EDIT 03/01/2010 : 1.000.000 views ! Thank you all, you're amazing :)


We were playing some Xbox Live games during lunchtime. Guillaume was really excited about "Lucidity" and the idea of playing a "Tetris platform" game... but he finally felt disapointed by the concept.

So, Guillaume decided to create a little Tetris plateformer for fun.
William came with the idea to mix up Tetris with another well know game: Super Mario Bros.

And here it is: Tuper Tario Tros.! (what an amazing title)

This experiment is the first one in a series that we will try to bring to you, sailors :)
Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks.



- Arrows to move
- X to jump
- Space to switch between games
- C to speed up the scrolling



06/01/10 - v 1.2
- How to play section added to main menu
- We added some control keys to fit with everybody's brain
- You can now speed up the scrolling, you tetris' lamers !
- You have now 120 seconds to finish the boss battle. This extra time is our new year's gift ;)


cool idea

this is a pretty good idea altho im not a multi tasker so i got confused :D its still fun especially to block the pipe the goombas are coming out of XD


great concept but the gameplay was a disappointment

i agree with incredibleplumber

also i strongly suggest to make the castle building segment easier, at least for the first stage because i wasn't able to beat it on my first 3 lives, mostly due to the high amount of goombas and the fact that i was always thinking that the space bar was for jumping and x to change game modes, but that's maybe just me. Another thing you could do is enable the player to build blocks to take cover on outside of the castle, but add koopas that would ram in them and destroy them, forcing the player to either hurry up in the making of the castle or build new blocks to climb on.

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This game is fantastic. Brilliant idea. Once you speed it up the game will have nothing bad about it.

love it

hey i love the the concept, only beef with it (and yes i know its an experiment im not bashing just my feelings) is that it could be more "seamless' with the transitions. oh and the smiley block thing in the game got me lol jeez puzzles and platformers make a sexy baby

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2009
1:39 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle