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Doh! And for my second wish... I'd like a can opener..... Doh! And my third wish is for hands. Too bad you blew it by turning the genie INTO the can of tuna instead of just wishing for a can of tuna, you stupid cat! That's a pretty raw deal for the genie. No wonder she looked so disgruntled in her last moments.

But it's a good joke. There's no reason legends of genies should be so human-centric, we're talking magic and cosmic forces that can shake the universe, and humans have a petty role in that universe. Unfortunately, you wouldn't expect what other species would do with that power to be all that rational. Though in my experience, I think cats would be better than that, they're not at all like people say, they definitely value companionship way more than food, they're usually very lonely creatures.

Whiskers tell it all!

Cat's meow jarrin' me brainwaves, but overall a superb job CricketJam (simple and all too smooth). Good animation, nice short tale, and sweet lookin' genie gal (with a can of tuna ta boot!). Lookin' forward in seeing more so keep it up (now I must go see if my own cat (punk by another name) wants food... where's my genie?!):)!

this was good

the cat was done in my mind perfectly for the style the genie coulda been worked up just a tad more and maybe had a slight alpha on her say 10 or 20% she seemed a lil too solid
camera angles were good

but what really let you down here was the audio
music was really needed
and sound effects weren't great either
keep it up though
and although this piece didn't really require a background it wouldn't have hurted to have one in

oh wait one more thing ^.^ the ending I was soo expecting a joke about there being no can opener or the cat not being able to open the can cos he has no opposable thumbs

anyway good work !
keep it up!

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very cute. But I think the walking animation and the cat sitting looked a bit weird. But I loved the cat's face when he meowed. ^^ And cats only wag their tails when they're angry, just so you know. :p

Lucky cat...

i wouldve wished for the same thing... :3

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4.18 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2009
7:05 PM EST
Comedy - Original