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Its an little experiment. I want to test whether it works on the Newgrounds-server. The files are hostet on a private server of me. So it should work. I tried it to start the file on my server and it worked great. (Even if I had problems with viewing it.
So: Why did i made this "game"?
I wanted to write an litte multiplayer game, based on this princip... If this experiment works, i could host the game files on my own server and acces them.

If this doesn't work on Newgrounds I can give you the link to the file on my server.

The Guestbook:
I made the Background is made with inkscape. (I uploaded it in better quality (just visit my profile)

for the main idea I used an Tutorial by FlashStar
tutlist/index.php3?id=465 )

But I deleted some minor "problems" for example the anoying "you must enter an E-mail"
Most of the time I spend with this clock coz my Computer crashed every time I tried to use ".getSecond"

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- The font in the normal view is really small and hard to read.
- Probably more smilies would be great.
- Sending button doesn't seem to work.

But nice idea.


The-Chosen1 responds:

Yeah... I'm working on it. Thanks
... The sending button doesn't work because the files are hostet on a private server... But i can't post the files to it ;) But i'm still working on it. maybe i'll find a solution :D

I don't get it...

It seems that this is a international chat room?

It looks great, but could you explain what this is exactly?

The-Chosen1 responds:

Normaly cou could klick on the Floppy Drive and write something. The files shouls be deposited on my server...
I wanted to implement something like this in a game, but it seems, that it don't really works on Newgrounds :(
I'm going to edit It...
And try to make it work ;)