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This is my very first upload to Newgrounds! A sequel is in the works and I would love feedback of any sort!
It took ridiculously long to finish this project but I've learned a lot more about flash and animation techniques since then so the sequel should be a bit better. (lighting for example. I really hate the way I animated light in this particular project and I've definitely fixed that.)

Hope you enjoy it, I look forward to hearing from you!

(all music was done in garage band with the exception to the mario theme song on the gameboy. a couple sound effects were found at Royaltyfreemusic.com)


Not bad, but some suggestions

Perhaps watch people walk to get the motions down, maybe take some classes on perspective.

Other than that, the video is pretty good.

freedumbring responds:

Thank you very much for the review! I'll definitely pay more attention to perspective and more believable looking walk cycles in the sequel. Thanks for watching :-)

great first upload

The audio was fantastic. That's rare in amateur Flash. The enviroments were well drawn as well. Awesome job.

Like Krimson said... the walking seems a little awkward.. tweens do that. Experiment with some frame by frame..

freedumbring responds:

Aw man thank you so much!

You guys are right, the walk cycles leave a lot to be desired...he looks like hes rollerskating in a couple shots! I've always been a little intimidated of frame by frame animation but now that you mention it, itd probably look a whole lot more organic than the blocky tween walk-cycles I have now. Thank you very much for the advice and thank you for watching!

I like it

Looks like you actually spent some time on it, which it seems lately nobody cares to in flash animation. Walking animations and some of the angles need work, like when he opens the closet door, but those are pretty tough so for a first upload this is terrific.

freedumbring responds:

Thank you so much for the input! Im definitely going to take your advice and apply it to the sequel. All the stuff you mentioned is great advice. Thanks for watching and reviewing!

lookin forward to the 2nd

lol the poster when i grow up i wanna be just like mommy, lol shes a stripper lol

freedumbring responds:

hehe im glad you noticed that! A friend of mines little sibling drew it. Apparently the pole is supposed to be a shovel and she apparently works at home depot and sells stuff like that...and uh...guys give her money. But the picture was just too hilarious to not use


I liked the little easter egg posters on the walls

freedumbring responds:

I love it when people notice the little things! :-) thanks for watching!

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3.29 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2009
3:28 PM EST
Comedy - Original