Santa Fu!

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Sounds Good 10 Points

Listen to all songs

Turbo Power 10 Points

Beat Level 1

Elfinator 25 Points

Kill 10 of each elf type

Oh Fudge 25 Points

Beat Level 2

Yellow Snow 25 Points

Beat Level 3

Nutcracker 50 Points

Kill 100 enemies with punches to the nuts

Paindeer 50 Points

Beat Level 4

Santa Fu Disciple 50 Points

Beat any of the first four levels without losing any energy

Santa Fu Master 50 Points

Beat the final level without losing any energy

Determined 100 Points

Beat the game once with each of the 3 playable characters

King O' Christmas! 100 Points

Beat Level 5

Author Comments

UPDATE 12/24: Thanks so much to all of you who've played Santa Fu already and to the sites that have been reviewing it around the web! We hope this brought back some great memories for those of you who played the original Kung Fu on the Nintendo Entertainment System! Have a great holiday everybody!

Santa Claus is drunk off his jolly ass on egg nog... again. This always happens around this time of the year. It's now up to you to guide Santa through his headquarters at the North Pole to show everybody in that winter wonderland that he's the true king of Christmas. And just how can you accomplish this? By using the ancient art of SANTA FU on anybody who dares to get in your way! Oh yeah, Mrs. Claus also appears to have gone missing, so maybe you can rescue her too while you're at it. Ho, ho, ho!

Santa Fu is a huge Christmas parody based on the classic "Kung Fu" game on the NES! All the levels, enemies and bosses from the original have been completely reworked and customized to fit with the overall holiday theme. On top of that, we added in some new music, cutscenes, unlockable characters, a high scores list and more!

Hope you all enjoy this special Christmas present! To us, it's definitely a Christmas miracle.


"good game"

You have to stay in one spot until the one guy comes with the pipe and the newspaper.
then get a little close and punch 2 times but watch out for his pipe and listen to all the song and try your hardest and you should win.But you will die so watch out.

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very good

it was difficult i like that so its not to easy good job liked how on the first stage you made fun of torboman from jingle all the way great game just wish you included continuses so you dont have to start all over again on game overs

Santa + Kung Fu = This!

An extremely accurate Christmas remake of the NES classic Kung-Fu. Everything is spot on from the sprite animation to the sound. Most importantly, you didn't tone down the difficulty!


Awesome idea! But only for a while

Impressive spriting and choice of music. Too bad this was only a christmas special. The game could have been easier, as I recall in >>>Kung Fu Remix<<<.
One side note: The blown up (x4) sprites make this flash go slow on most computers.
Other than that, another game that only =ROG= can make!.

didnt like it, but a few things

only reason im giving five star is only because of the effort in makeing this game.
the kicking and punching is off a lot, the enemies tend to crowd around you.
THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! and also why is there no running button? the original
Kung Fu character was able to run, just saying if your going to remake it, might as well make sure you can do everything the original can. thank you for your time. hopefully you find this helpful.

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Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2009
8:39 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler