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My animation for polytechnic.
Five minute runtime. Contains mild cartoon violence.
Blog link: http://scotteablog4.blogs pot.com/
Deviant Art: http://midnightheist.devi antart.com/
Portfolio: http://scottgillan.daport folio.com/


Wow, thanks for all the reviews so far. It's great to recieve so much constructive feedback. :)

I thought I'd address a few points that have been raised by you guys and gals.
I had a bit of trouble at the start of this assignment nailing down the concept. All I knew is that I wanted to include my alien creature. Originally my proposal was about 2012 and a mayan demon slaughtering everyone (including a legend about another 12 demonic animals with super powers), but that was a little too epic in scale and lacked a strong conceptual theme. My teacher suggested I read up on mythology, and found a nice story about the Teumessian fox. I decided to cut down the number of characters and bring it back to the basics. I also dabbled in the paradox idea, but it was too hard to explain without a ton of dialog.

Samurai Jack:
Yes, it is awesome. My favourite cartoon. I loved how this show broke the mold and shook things up.
I'm not much of a talker myself, I don't see the need when you can just explain with visuals / body language.
I feel visual storytelling is much more interesting than just relying on dialog to do the work for you.
Genndy Tartakovsky / Samurai Jack was my biggest inspiration throughout this project, I could go on about how awesome it is, but I'm sure you already know.

I didn't really plan for the animation to run this long, the addition of the whole spaceship/freezer idea combined with the filmic style and no dialog just added up I guess.

If I was left unsupervised it would be all battle, ha ha.
I'm thankful my teachers kept me on the straightened arrow, as all battle no content seems similar to Scott McCloud's take on being all surface no core. I link those kind of animations to a song made from only crazy long guitar solos. It's cool, but after a while you get kinda bored. At least for me anyway.

Yeah. I felt this was one of the main elements missing from my animation as well. I love music but I didn't have to to flesh any out due to time restraints. :(
My backgrounds also suffered because of the time crunch.

I'll add my presentation speech to my blog/DA (which explains a bunch of conceptual/influences/pro cess/etc) if anyone wants a little more insight.

I have always loved flash animation and props go out to Newgrounds for this great site and community.
I look foward to reading more of your comments. :D

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That was fun. That little blue freak deserved to die. The caveman was very smart. Nice animation, and the ending was unexpected. Very nice.

hell yea

i am gald the little blue prick died


I never knew cavemen could be Olympic spear throwers, ninjas, eagles, and inventors. Nice animation and stuff :P also i may have left some stuff out on that stuff above about what a cavemen can be. Great in every way so 10/10.

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4.57 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2009
5:02 AM EST