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Coin Collect

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Author Comments

A quick and addicting game where you collect the gold coins while avoiding the red dots. ^^ This is my first game, so any suggestions on how I can improve it would be awesome!

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Very great! But simple concept. (Though)

Very great. As I said the concept was simple but it was fun avoiding red circles and getting the gold/yellow circles. I just found out the more gold/yellow circles you have, the more gold/yellow circles added. And what I will say, you have improved :D. You should make another Coin Collect as a sequel. And yes, I always want sequels.

The game was pretty easy once you start playing it. But it was kinda hard with the red golds trying to get you, it's a simple but great concept. I also once played this game but I guess I didn't review yet because I was tired. But now you have my review. So now this is where I will start my review: The soundings...

The sounds gets kind of annoying once you get to 100, it's very annoying with lots of circles. But great game anyways. But what you could only do is to don't make sounds not to loud, but overall it's a good game just like I said minutes ago :D.


I hope you love and enjoy my review (When you get to it!)

A simple little game.

What a great game. A simple little objective of collecting the gold coins while avoiding the red. Very fun.

Upgrades: I don't know why people are asking to put in upgrades. In the stage that it is, it's really not suitable to have upgrades. I would say you would need to add a few more things before thinking of such an idea.

Adding "rounds" to the game would really be an improvment. Just throwing an idea out there: I would put in an objective to collect a certain amount of coins to allow players to move on to the next stage. In doing this the game will be less likely to lose players from the lack of excitment.

If you were to add rounds, I see no reason not to add upgrades. Giving yourself the ability of a magnet pull on coins, another heart, speed, size you name it.
I am not going to go all out on this review, but if you would like to know more, just PM.

The background of the game is a little bland. Well it's just a white screen. But really nothing to be concerned about. A new color for every level would be a pretty fun idea.

About the music. I would suggest putting in a simple beat that doesn't get tiresome. Nothing too big. Probably a simple Techno beat would do it.

I think you have a great game on your hands. With a little work and some time you could make this into something unique.
Keep up the great work, and I look forward to a sequal from you.

iAlexTsang responds:

Thanks for all the suggestions!


upgrades will make this game awesome!! start working on a sequel?

iAlexTsang responds:

Haha, yeah. I'm not sure if i will do a sequel(as in Coin Collect 2), but I will definitely add more to this game, such as powerups. First thing I will work on though will be getting the red dots to spawn outside and come in to avoid the 'enemy spawns on player and game over' problem. I could also have the dots fade in...Here's what I'm planning http://justaprototype.com/?p=240

Fun at first

So I guess what you can work on is add like a certain amount of a time limit while your gathering coins. Instead of having where you gather as many as you can until the whole screen gets overloaded with enemies and what not. Have it where you gather as much coin as you can before time runs out.

Have levels or rounds (however you put it) instead of one constant thing. And mix it up a bit, put in obstacles that you have to go around and with everything else bouncing off the obstacles.

Change the background too, it kinda irritated my eyes after a while. Maybe some music, something catchy that would help set the mood for the player while they work on racking up their points.

Possibly add upgrades to better help gather the coins. Little items that you could drop in at random times that the player can pick up. A force field that prevents enemies from hitting you for so many seconds. Some form of magnet that gathers the coins in bunches when you get close to rack up your points quickly. Land mines you can drop that would kill off your enemies or some sort of weapon would be useful.

Some ideas that you could add to spice up the game. I really enjoyed playing this and I hope you keep up with making it an even better game.

iAlexTsang responds:

I think that adding in the powerups and the ability to kill the red dots will solve the game being too crowded problem, but I'll code it out and see how it feels after.

funn, however.....

the screen got completely overloaded with coins and enemies. if you make a sequel, reduce their spawn rates.

iAlexTsang responds:

I reduced the spawn rates of the enemies. ^^

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2009
9:03 PM EST