Mega Man X's Paths of LOL

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Hey, guys! Recorderdude back to bring some holiday cheer (though this has NOTHING to do with ANY holidays) with Mega Man X's Paths of LOL.

This flash features...OMG...I ACTUALLY LEARNED SOME ACTIONSCRIPT?!?!?!?!

Anyways, This flash deals with Megaman X and attempts to parody when he finds the first Dr. Light Capsule. The capsule talks a LOT. In fact, I actually spoke out almost ALL of the script STRAIGHT from the game. This gives three results of discovering the capsule: The Sensical Ending, The Stupid Ending, And The Sonic Ending.

Of course, make sure to watch ALL 3 endings.

I did EVERYTHING for this guy. Except sprites, SFX, and music.

Megaman, Dr. Light, and X enemies are copyright Capcom
Sonic is Copyright SEGA
Sally is copyright Archie

Anyways, enjoy it, comment, rate and REVIEW! PLEASE tell me what you think of the new style!



sega hates me lol good job dude

Not bad.

Jokes were stale, animation wasn't that great, and the voices weren't in good quality. But, it got the job done.

Recorderdude responds:

Yep, and it absolutely PALES in comparison to the megaman-collection's "megaman random acts" Nothing stale abut randomy appearing, screaming, then blowing up, right?

Well, at least ya liked it a bit...

It was okay.

Nice job, liked it. Far from perfect, but you did do a good job. Good luck on future endeavors.

Recorderdude responds:


Could improve the recordings

not bad. couldn't hear the voices well enough to appreciate it fully, though.

Recorderdude responds:

yeah, I know, but I think I did a pretty good job overall.

this just made me want to play megaman x

but i dont have my snes with me

Recorderdude responds:

I hear ya, X rocks.

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3.23 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2009
2:37 PM EST
Comedy - Parody