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T4D is a new game that's in the same vein as "Don't Shit Your Pants" in which you type in text commands to win the game. Basically you have until the zombie reaches you to do something to get out of the predicament you are in.

It's a fairly hard puzzle game and if you run into trouble the achievement names should help guide you through some scenarios (of which there are 4-5 ways you can win).

There are 8 achievements to go for and they can be saved to your Mochi account to use wherever you are logged in.

Enjoy! :)

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nice little game, ive played a few text based games, the hitchikers guide to the galaxy (which is free online to play if you can find it) is a particular fav of mine. and that brings me to whats wrong with this one, most text games text parsers are pretty good, but when i typed 'get bat' or pick up bat' it didnt know what i meant, and it should have, instead i had to use just the word 'bat'. (or 'shit' loz) making it one word solutions did make it more challenging tho, especially when i had to use the bat, took me ages just to figure to 'swing' the bat without actually saying 'use bat'. like i said it was still good. i do highly recomend playing the hitchikers guide to the galaxy for inspiration on how to do another game, you get some cool reactions when you play that, like when you die, if you type anything, it starts saying 'quiet you, your sposed to be dead' or 'pretty chatty for a dead guy', one of the solutions to a puzzle is just lying in front of a bulldozer, and another is to 'drink pint's at a bar. plus loads of secret stuff. and i think even if you use a walkthrough on it, it would be a great inspiration for a new zombie text based game for you, because great things come from small ideas, look at the game 'feed us', started out simple, then got so awesome. i can see this happening with this. a full epic zombie/comedy text adventure. bring it on. (if u do make a huge one, can you please add the ability to type stuff in so u can pretend to be a zombie, like 'pretend to be zombie' or 'shuffle and moan' or 'say braaaains' just for a sweet comedy bit or two, that would be sweet.

A lot of variations, decent.

good game

I don't understand shoot
I don't understand take the bat
I don't undersand open the thing
I don't understand
on't utandI dersnd fight
I don't understand take the baseball bat
I don't undersatand take the fish
I don't understand fight
I don't understand punch
you are zombie food

no comments


DONT KNOW WAT TO DO???????????????

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2.88 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2009
2:12 PM EST
Puzzles - Other