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Pie Hole

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Hi, I'm Norman, but you can call me Norboto. I started using flash when it was very basic, as you can see from my music video "Pie Hole", originally seen on ABS. Steve of ABS helped me put this online, something I never thought would be possible. With his help, I learned how to put my animations up for everyone to see. I made this many, many eternities ago, so you might remember it. If so, I hope you still enjoy it today. I don't use flash that often anymore, but I thought I'd share my animation with you today.

Is there anyway I can put a place to download the song on this site? I would like to give the viewers a chance to download the song as well.

Here are the lyrics for Pie Hole:

I got a pie hole on the front of my head
It talks on the telephone and snores in my bed
It won't go away 'cause it's stuck on my face
My friends, they don't like it
What a big disgrace
My pie hole
I love my pie hole it can sing and yell
It makes a fart sound without all the smell
It burps and it coughs
Even sneezes too
I love my pie hole so why don't you
My pie hole
My pie hole

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oh no i cant watch bc flash is blocked on firefox

That was extremely strange. I thought you were showing off different parts of your body and how they could make sounds, but it was really just your mouth shown from different angles. I find "pie hole" to be one of the most insane names for a mouth ever. I thought it was just something that "Cow And Chicken" made up. I guess this succeeded in giving what it was supposed to. The lyrics aren't that bad if you listen to them.

For as nonsensical as this was, I didn't find it to be that creative. It was strange to see these black and white gifs of your mouth. I guess it could have been longer, but that probably wouldn't have made it make any more sense. I just wish it was more detailed. It's funny how a gray cartoon gate closes them.


lots of people try to make songs by tapping on crap, u were the only person to make music with sounds from ur mouth lol


I loved the sound coordination. Great work!

PS: Now it's on my Fav. list ;)

Norboto responds:

Thank you.

Pie Hole Huh

Not a fantastic exhibit of 'flash' so to speak but the different sounds and coordination evident was fun to watch. Not really interesting for me and a little basic but essentially it's not too bad.

Norboto responds:

Thank you.

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4.76 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2009
12:38 PM EST
Music Video