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Alfred's StoryofChristmas

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Long ago, before Alfred Alfer was mentally ill, a poarn star, or jesus, he was a simple cartoon character that existed back when bush was president and i watched lots of south park, Right around 2005 I think. Yes, Long ago right after i made alfred gets fixed i made this christmas special and since the file was 22 MB and you usually can't submit that large of a file, i for some reason figured it was best to be seen by no one instead of trying alternative solutions. So here is this Alfred Christmas special that I made when I was 15 and alfred had a sidekick named Phat Dawg. Peace be with you, and good will towards all men. And dogs.

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I don't understand why some people hate this. I get that Alfred's later characterization was more enjoyable and insane, but people need to consider that the original draft of a character, more often than not, will have a few differences to the final draft. It is more subdued, but this was long before you found your footing. And besides that, if I were to give AA a timeline, I'd say this could take place before the popsicle incident, when Alfred was only minorly disturbed, but utterly blissful and happy. Simply put, true insanity grows and festers over time. I like both Alfreds, and it is kind of humorous how Phat Dog and Alfred interact, but I guess Phat Dog needed to be cut out so Alfred's later feelings of loneliness could be justified. But I do have a theory that Phat Dog isn't real, and instead represents Alfred's last shreds of logical and moral thinking, the only thing that was keeping him relatively sane, which explains why he only appears in the early animations, because after the popsicle incident and Labby taking over his life, Alfred lost every shred of decency in his mind and soul, causing a big psychological downfall.

that was hilarious! I really hope the Alfred Movie will feature some segments like this, but I can't count on it.

so you did better animated work in 2005 than the entire compound of 2008-9, and you din't feel like going back to it?

This was amazingly reserved for Alfred

Seems sort of forced. And you censored the swearing. It's like ABC Family Channel censors got ahold of your original work, bitched about it, and you caved into make it more conservative. Or maybe you were mellow when you did this. Which would be good. It's different from your usual stuff. More polished. Just seems less... intense ... more trite and derivative. That's coming across really harsh, which is not my intent. Just seems reserved.


take THAT Catholics,you and your magic.