Street Traffic TD

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Build turrets and stop the cars and planes before they reach Charlie's castle. Planes will appear from level 10 on so make sure you build flaks before. Read instructions for detailled enemy description.

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ino this is usless buttt

10 stars just for the born under a bad sign intro!
Jimi is a GOD!!

Mm... Needs balancing and more variety

Air mobs are very weak in comparison to ground ones. A single fully upgraded flak(which isn't hard to achieve) is enough to take you to wave 30 or more which makes it kinda boring to have air mobs at all.

As for the ground mobs, the first 2 towers are fine(though Machine gun tower is so much better than the bullet one that it don't find much reason to build any at all.)

Though the sniper tower doesn't deal NEARLY enough damage for it's low ROF

Traffic control tower feels like you were trying to take out a tank rather than a car!(Extremely high damage coupled with high ROF? Sure there's very little RANGE but who needs range when you annihilate anything that comes near you?)

Flak tower is pretty much covered above.

There's also only 5 towers.By around wave 10-15, Bullets and Machine guns become pretty obsolete(Sniper tower hits harder than bullets, Traffic light is basically a stronger version of Machine guns) which cuts it down to basically 3 towers. ... Kinda boring...

You may also want to put in some instructions as to WHERE the target is, I wasa bit confused at the very beginning of the game.

Still. Decent effort I guess.


could be a lot better

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2009
8:56 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense